Iot internet of things internet is a network which you use to gather information and to communicate. And things means electronic device gadgets.
Internet of things is influencing our lifestyle from the way we react and from the way we behave. Example the air conditioner that you can control with your smartphone, smartwatch which track your daily activities.

The iot promise to make things including electronic devices with conditioner fridge card and sensor part of the internet environment.
The structure the building block of iot are sensory device, remote service, communication network and context aware processing of events. It is a type of ecosystem which connected physical object and that are accessible through the internet.

It works like devices and objects with build in sensor which are connected to an iot platform. The iot platform of so
powerful by which we can used to detect pattern and detect possible problems before they occur.

For example if you’re running a car business and you want to know which component and product are most trending. so, here using iot technology you can use sensor to detect which area are most trending.
Some use cases of iot are smart home, connected cars, smart supply chain, smart farming, Industrial internet, smart grids, smart city, wearables.

In future iot will bring huge revolution, devices are becoming a part of the mainstream electronic culture and people are getting attract towards smart devices and making everything smart.