Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and you can say it is a branch in computer science which deals with design of algorithms,statistics that can learn. machine learning is a concept of pattern which basically focus on pattern and works on data and form it in cluster (i.e collection of similar patterns)

Machine learning is of three types:-
1. Supervised learning
2. Unsupervised learning and
3. Reinforcement learning
Supervised learning is basically the learning algorithm is presented with labelled example input where the level
indicates the designed output

Examples are; Classification and Regression
Unsupervised learning no labels are provided and
through which the learning algorithm focuses entirely on
detecting structures in input unlabeled data
Example is; K means

Reinforcement learning perform a task using feedback

which they got from environment

This is the small intro which is meant to give you some basic information before going in deep.


➢ R is created in the 1990s by Ross Inaka and Robert Gentleman.
➢ R language is open source platform which makes it highly cost effective.
➢ As we know R is one of the major language for machine learning language used for statistical calculation,
graphical representation of data and to analyse data.
➢ According to the survey most of the data scientist prefer

R 49%, 30% prefer SQL and 35% prefer python.

➢ R provides you a outstanding visualization features and which is important to analyse the data before
acknowledging it to any automated learning.
➢ Many packages for machine learning are implemented in R as a part of their development.
➢ This is remarkable as R is a specialized language for data analytics.

The IEEE 2016 ranking shows R is the most popular and helpful programming language for data science as
we are aware of machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence.

Objectives and prerequisites

✔ Our aim is to provide you the knowledge about machine learning methods using R and application in R.
✔ This course focuses on the core part which is unsupervised and supervised learning/methods.
✔ Students need to download following software and R packages before moving further

Installation part
R Studio
If you are not aware of this software we will surely going
to help you and we will help you to download R
packages as well

✔ Students will get to know about R syntax and basic plotting functionality.
✔ There are numerous exercises and numerous projects which we will teach you during courses and also gives
you hands on practice with newly acquired material
✔ At the end of the course students will be able to apply what they have learnt as well as they feel enough
confident to explore and applying new methods.

So if you guys are ready to be a data scientist then without any doubt choose this R language because R is a perfect choice to develop your career in data science it is a ideal choice for Big data, Data science and Machine Learning in fact many researchers, scientist and scholars using R for their experiment and analyzing with data science.

We have many experts as well as Data Scientist who have lots of experience in this field and we would love to help you to build your career in data science. As well as there ar lots of project in R. Some tasks are like Designing Algorithm, Data Visualizing, Image Processing, Analyses data etc. If you are looking for this course and want guidance feel free to contact us we are ready to help you out and ready to build your career in this field.