Tableau is Pat Hanrahan, Christian Chabot, Chris Stolte. Tableau is a software which is an american based computer software company.

Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool that can be used to

create customised dashboards. Mostly this tool is use in Business Intelligence Industry.
It helps in modifying raw data into very understandable format. Data analysis is very fast and in Tableau the visualizations are generated in the form of dashboards and worksheets.
It helps to examine virtually any kind of structured data and which generates highly interactive wonderful graphs.

Tableau server is an online solution which meant for distributing,
sharing, collaborating on content created in tabelu. There are so many features of tableau which makes it different from any other software and that’s why it is so famous in business analytics field.

1. In tableau you don’t have to know programming language.
2. It is very simple and easy to learn and easy to utilise.
3. In tableau all you need is few data and through which it generates report.
4. Tableau has drag and drop feature through which user can generate reports.
5. Drag and Drop feasible due to VIZQL, which means it is visual query language which
helps to express the data visuals and make a report through which people can
understand data by extracting the complexities of query and analysis.
6. The speed of tableau is very fast the best software which evaluates millions and
billions of rows and provides only necessary data or necessary information.

Tableau helps the user to directly hook up with cubes, databases, data warehousing etc we can catch up data, access data into simple way without any advanced setup. Weakness in tableau is it customised and integrate with other apps, social media integration, lack expandability for analytics.

Soon Tableau will add up with Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language capabilities to its platform. It is so good in designing and it quickly analyse, visualise and share information.