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Blue Prism

Blue Prism

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Blue Prism

Blue Prism Course Description

Built on the Microsoft.NET Framework, Blue Prism automates any application and delivers support to any platform. These include Mainframe, Windows, Windows Presentation Foundation, Java, web and others. Designed for multi-environment deployment model, Blue Prism performs development, test, staging and production with physical and logical access controls. Blue Prism RPA software, works on a centralized release management interface and process change distribution model giving access to high levels of visibility and control. Additionally, Blue Prism software gives support to regulatory contexts that include PCI, DSS, HIPAA and SOX. In 2016, Blue Prism is credited with top honours as The Best Enterprise Application of AI.

RPA Blue Prism Training Overview

Innomatics Training offers Blue Prism online training with a view to enable IT trainees to learn about business control effectively.  As part of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Blue Prism is highly extendable and can be easily organized in the cloud or on-premise enterprise classification.  Offering visibility and control that is extremely valuable, Blue Prism has a centralized release management interface. Given the fact that Blue Prism works with a grid based architecture, it brings speedy access, top performance, and disaster recovery scenarios.

So what is Blue Prism and how it helps? Blue Prism (BP) is a Robotic Automation software that performs business operations cost effectively with agile that witnesses rapid automation.  Therefore, from the stage of its configuration to the final reporting and analytics, Blue Prism gives high quality data that in turn generates Business Intelligence and Management Information reporting system. Blue Prism Software Robot takes care of every action of Software Robot.  Working as centrifugal force of knowledge base management, every activity and action is instantly seen as a snapshot to know how a business is functioning.

At the end of training duration, you will surely be confident to navigate on Blue Prism, as you will learn both theory and practical aspects to apply and implement in a real-time project environment.

interactive training 24 Hrs
Instructor Interaction Yes
Course material from DevOps Institute  Yes
Live Support Post Training 2 months
Simulated Project 1
Real Time Project 1
Blue Prism Certificate  Yes
Blue Prism Institute Exam voucher valid for an year.  Yes
  • Introduction:
    • Blue prism’s Robotic Automation

    Process Studio

    •  Running a Process
    •  Basic Skills
    •  Process Validation
    •  Decision stage
    •  Calculation Stage
    •  Data Items
    •  Review

    Process Flow

    •  Decisions
    •  Circular Paths
    •  Controlling Play
    •  Set next Stage
    •  Breakpoints
    •  Collections and loops
    •  Layers of Logic
    •  Pages for Organization
    •  Review

    Inputs and Outputs:

    •  Input Parameters
    •  Stepping  and Pages
    •  Data Item Visibility
    •  Data Types
    •  Output Parameters
    •  Start-up Parameters
    •  Control room
    •  Process Outputs
    •  Review

    Business Objects

    •  Object Studio
    •  Business Objects
    •  Action Stage
    •  Inputs and Outputs
    •  The Process Layer
    •  Review

    Object Studio

    •  Creating a Business Object
    •  Application Modeler
    •  Spying Elements
    •  Attributes
    •  Attribute Selection
    •  Launch
    •  Wait
    •  Timeouts
    •  Terminate
    •  Write
    •  Press
    •  Attach and Detach
    •  Read
    •  Actions
    •  Action Inputs and Outputs
    •  Data Items as Inputs
    •  Review

    Overview Of Error Case and Management

    •  Error Management
    •  Exception Handling
    •  Recover And Resume
    •  Throwing Exceptions
    •  Preserving  the Current Exception
    •  Exception Bubbling
    •  Exception Blocks
    •  Exception handling in practice
    •  Review

    Case Management

    •  Review
    •  Queue Items
    •  Work Queue Configuration
    •  Defer
    •  Attempts
    •  Pause and Resume
    •  Filters
    •  Reports
    •  Review

    Additional Features

    •  Safe stop
    •  Collection Actions
    •  Choice Stage
    •  Logging
    •  Log viewer
    •  System Manager
    •  Process/Business Object Grouping
    •  Process and object References
    •  Export and Import
    •  Release Manager-Packages and  Releases


    Consolidation  Exercise

    •  Order system Process
    •  Consolidation Exercise Checklist
    •  Submitting your Completed Solution


    Advanced Features:

    •  Undefined Collections
    •  Data Item Initialisation
    •  Data Item Exposure
    •  Casting
    •  Code Stage
    •  Run Mode
    •  Initialize and Cleanup
    •  Attribute Match Types
    •  Dynamic Attributes
    •  Active Accessibility
    •  Application manager Mode
    •  Global Clicks and Keys
    •  Credentials
    •  Environment Locking
    •  Command Line
    •  Resource PC

    Further Application Types

    •  Mainframe Applications
    •  Java Applications

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