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Data Analytics With Spark & Scala

Data Analytics With Spark & Scala

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Data Analytics With Spark & Scala

Expertise as a Data Scientist

Propel your Big Data analysis expertise to the next level with hands-on practice on Apache Spark and get insights with much faster and real-time analysis.

Here, you will find the most comprehensive course designed in order to elevate you as a professional Apache Spark Developer, Big Data Analyst or as a Data Scientist.

8 Modules with live data set

Our extensively framed training curriculum enables the participants to have a thorough understanding of what Big Data Analytics is, which furthers to discuss the core concepts of Stream Processing and In-memory Analytics using the Resilient Distributed Datasets in Spark. The training curriculum also provides the participants to have a hands-on experience with Scala and the PySpark Shell, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Graph Queries using GraphX and Machine Learning using MLLib.

To enhance the competency levels of participants, this course also includes quizzes, assignments and allows them to have a hands-on practice with live datasets like the GE Flights data set, data from twitter etc.

After the successful completion of this course, you will gain expertise in the following concepts:

  1. Determining the limitations of Hadoop and the role of Spark in overcoming these limitations
  2. Understanding the fundamentals of Scala programming language
  3. Applying Control Structures, Loops, Collection etc
  4. Learning Object Oriented and Functional programming in Scala
  5. Understanding the role of RDDs in Spark
  6. Implementing the Spark applications on YARN (Hadoop)
  7. Using the Spark SQL queries to perform several computations
  8. Streaming the data using Spark Streaming API
  9. Implementing the machine learning algorithms in Spark using MLLib API
  10. Understanding the GraphX API and implement graph algorithms
  11. Extending the capabilities of Spark using PySpark and SparkR

This course is extensively useful for the aspirants who have the passion to emerge as a professional Apache Spark Developer and also those who currently are Big Data Analytics professionals, Research professionals, IT Developers and Testers, Data Scientists, BI and Reporting professionals, Hadoop Developers and a lot more.

Instructor Led training 24 Hrs
Instructor Interaction Yes
Live Support Post Training 1 Year
Simulated Projects 2
Access to Virtual Machine Life Time
Access to Kovid Cluster Life Time
Capstone/Hands On/Real Time Project 1
Innomatics Tech Hub – Data Science with Spark & Scala Certificate Yes
21 CEU/PDU certificate Yes

Module 1: Big Data and Spark

  • Overview of Big Data and Spark
  • MapReduce limitations
  • Spark History
  • Spark Architecture
  • Spark and Hadoop Advantages
  • Benefits of Spark + Hadoop
  • Introduction to Spark Eco-system
  • Practice Environment Set Up

Module 2: Scala Programming

  • Scala foundation
  • Features of Scala
  • Setup Spark and Scala on Ubuntu and Windows OS
  • Install IDE’s for Scala
  • Run Scala Codes on Scala Shell
  • Understanding Data types in Scala
  • Implementing Lazy Values
  • Control Structures
  • Looping Structures
  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Collections
  • Arrays and Array Buffers
  • Maps, Tuples and Lists

Module 3: Introduction to Sensors

  • Introduction
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Sensor Maintenance
  • Development of Sensor Communication Protocols
  • Sensor Deployment
  • Calibration Techniques
  • Powering options for Sensors

Module 4: M2M Communication Protocols

  • Introduction
  • Sensor Network & Ad-hoc Network
  • Wireline & Wireless Networks
  • Wi-Fi Standards
  • Bluetooth
  • RF Communication Links

Module 5: Machine Learning for IoT

  • Introduction
  • Learning Classification techniques
  • Fraud & Alert Analytics
  • Image & Video Analytics
  • Scalability Issues

Module 6: Security Implementation

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Network Security
  • Security Breach in IoT
  • Encryption & Cryptography Implementation
  • Secure Booting & Authentication
  • Firewalling & IPS
  • Updates & Patches

Module 7: Cloud Computing Platform

  • Introduction
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Concepts of Cloud Computing
  • Role of Cloud Computing in IoT
  • Deployment Models & Techniques

Module 8: Raspberry Pi

  • Introduction
  • Features of Raspberry Pi
  • Interfaces
  • Programming Environment

Why Internet of Things?

Today, everything is converting into Smart, i.e. from mobiles to TVs; from refrigerators to cars; from schools to cities and many more. In order to carve yourself in this smart environment, it is required to understand how the machines are inter-linked with one another. This is core background of IoT, which has now emerged as one of the hottest topics in the field of technology.<

What are the prerequisites of this course?

To make the most of this course, you are required to have:
1)Basic knowledge of Electronic Systems, Devices, Data Systems and Business Operations
2)Basic knowledge of Statistics
3)Basic knowledge of Software and Systems

Who is the right candidate for this course?

This course is ideally suitable for:
1)Students or aspirants, who desires for a career progression in the field Internet of Things (IoT)
2)IT Professionals, Electronic & Electrical Engineers, Solution Architects and Designers.
3)Professionals working in the sectors like Manufacturing, Electricals, Designing, Sales, Pharmaceuticals, Health-care, Retail and a lots more

What are the software or hardware requirements?

For IoT course, we will provide you a hardware development kit, which includes:
1)Raspberry pi 2, Arduino Mega (ATMega2560)
2)16 GB Memory card, HDMI-VGA Converter, 1A Power Adapter
3)Analog Temperature Sensors, proximity Sensors,
4)Switches, Breadboard, Alphanumeric LCDs, LEDs
5)Resistors, Transformers, PCD, Connecting leds and a lot more
After receiving the total course fee, we will ship all the required hardware components for IoT online training to your specified mailing address.

What are the training materials provided?

After the completion of course, you are required to undergo a project work. Based on your performance in the assignments and project works, certificate will be issued to you.

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