Data science Internship

Elevate your expertise through the Innomatics Free Data Science Internship

Get up-skilled and upgrade with our unique internship program. Our exclusive unpaid internship program provides hands-on experiences, letting you work on real-world projects from start to finish. Dive deep into the industry’s complexities, gaining exposure to practical scenarios that help you understand critical business problems better.

Through this unique opportunity, you’ll unlock valuable insights while efficiently tackling challenging business issues. You will not only refine your data science skills but also contribute to solving real industry challenges. The Innomatics Free Data Science Internship is your path to growth, knowledge, and professional development.

Internship Benefits

Lifetime Access To LMS

Build Your Data Science Portfolio

Access To Webinars & Hackathons

Grab Placement Opportunities

Important Dates

Events Dates
Registration Opens 13th Dec, 2023
Registration Close 5th Jan, 2024
Technical Evaluation 6th Jan, 2024
Internship Starts 24th Jan, 2024

Evaluation Details

  • MCQ test: Questions on Python, Data Analysis, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Basics.


  • Hackathon: Engage in Feature Engineering and ML-Based Challenges.
Why Your Child Should Learn it?

About The Internship

In a world where data rules, figuring out how to use it is crucial for growing businesses. As everything goes digital, Data Science becomes one of the most important industries globally, even earning the title of the sexiest job of the 21st century. Dive into the world of data with the Innomatics Free Data Science Online Internship. This special opportunity lets you learn the Innomatics way and discover the latest technologies of the 21st century. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to join the Innomatics Research Labs Data Science Internship today!

Register Before – 5th Jan 2024

Fees and Placement Assistance


Explore our unpaid internship, which is entirely free of cost.

Here’s what you get:

  • Placement assistance will be provided only based on the performance of the candidate during the internship program.
  • The performance of a candidate will be evaluated based on the tasks and assignments during the internship tenure.
About Internship program

Internship Details


  • Working knowledge of libraries like pandas, seaborn, SKlearn, etc.
  • Knowledge in Python, Statistics, & Machine Learning.
  • Basic understanding of NLP & Computer Vision.
  • Knowledge of Flask, SQL, & TABLEAU is preferable.
  • Experience in working on ML, DL & NLP case studies is mandatory.
  • Methodical & Aggressive learner.

Learning Outcomes

  • Work on 5+ complex projects & case studies
  • Major project at the end of the internship involving Advance NLP and Computer Vision Tasks
  • Brush up key Machine Learning & Deep Learning concepts

Certificates –

  • Internship Certification
  • Recommendation Letter (For those who are able to meet the criteria)

Register Before – 5th Jan 2024

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