Upskill your Career with Internship Program

Upskill and upgrade with our unique online Internship program.
This internship is an experience of a lifetime because it will give you the opportunity to work on end-to-end projects & gain industry exposure.
Learn & implement the insights for solving any critical business problems in an efficient way.


As the world takes a leap towards the digital, data is being generated at an exponential speed. This is expected to continue in the future as well.
How does one filter data in a way that it can be used to help scale businesses? It is here that Data Science emerges as a savior, helping us organise and understand this overwhelming data. It helps us look for a feasible solution, in the shortest possible time!

Learning Data Science will help in data analysis, making predictions & decisions that better understand the market trends. One can use Data Science to create a new disruptive business model for the top industries. You will be able to do all this with analytical, entrepreneurial ideology, alongside efficient knowledge of marketing strategies and trends.

Data Science continues to trend because of the lack of the specific skills that are required for this field and hence there is a multitude of job opportunities. Besides calling it the ‘sexiest job in the 21st century, analysts also predict that by 2026, India will see around 11 million job openings.

India faces massive demand for Data Scientists and is the second-largest recruiter in this space. In many sectors such as banking, insurance, medicine, healthcare, logistics, and e-commerce, the demand for Data Scientists is immense.

So we are making an offer that you can’t refuse: Join Innomatics to be a part of our Online Data Science Internship program and experience the Innomatics way of learning now!

Travel with us on this journey of career transformation!

    Free Data Science Internship


    Internship Duration: 3 Months (Online)
    Technical Evaluation: 18th June 2022
    MCQ test: Questions on Python, Data Analysis and Statistics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Basics
    Hackathon: Feature Engineering and ML Based
    Certification: Participation Certification(For all), Internship Certification & Recommendation Letter (For those who are able to meet the criteria)
    Nature of Internship: This internship is UNPAID.
    Placement Assistance will be provided only to interested candidates.
    All students enrolled for Placement Assistance will have to mandatorily pay a fee of Rs 50,000 after placements.
    Internships for candidates with & without placement assistance will remain free.
    Placement Assistance activities will only be conducted for candidates who are enrolled in the Internship + Placement assistance program.


    Registration Opens 17th May, 2022
    Registration Close 16th June, 2022
    Technical Evaluation (MCQ & Hackathon) 18th June, 2022
    Internship starts 18th July, 2022


    Working knowledge of libraries like pandas, seaborn, SKlearn, etc.
    Knowledge in Python, Statistics, and Machine Learning.
    Basic understanding of NLP and Computer Vision.
    Knowledge of Flask, SQL, and TABLEAU is preferable.
    Experience in working on ML, DL & NLP case studies is mandatory.
    Methodical and Aggressive learner.



    People looking to build a career in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science
    People with strong programming and analytical skills.
    People familiar with EDA & Statistics.
    People who can apply Machine Learning Algorithms for real-world problems.


    Build your Data Science Portfolio.
    Work on 5+ complex projects and case studies.
    Learn to work on Advance NLP and Computer Vision Tasks.
    Build a strong developer profile on GitHub.
    Become placement ready.

      Free Data Science Internship