Summer Internship Program 2022 for Students

Did you ever imagine grabbing a work opportunity while pursuing your bachelor’s degree? Well, this is now possible!! If you are a student pursuing Btech/BE or MTech/ME, BCA/MCA or BCom/MCom or any other degree, grab this opportunity to gain work experience this Summer.

We will ensure that this summer, you are not bored at home and that you use this time productively to upskill and upgrade yourself! How, you ask? Let us explain!!

Data Science is one of the most trending technologies. According to the Harvard Business Review, Data Science is the sexiest job in the 21st century. As a result, studying Data Science is a lucrative opportunity for freshers who are trying to chart a successful career path. This IBM Certified Summer Internship program will give you a basic orientation to the field of Data Science.

It is important to focus on the training methodology that one uses in Data Science training. As a two-time awardee of the Times Award for the Best Data Science institute, Innomatics Research Labs has made its mark in Hyderabad, time and again, for its rich industry-aligned curriculum and expert instructors. We have emerged as the best Data Science institute in Kukatpally, Hyderabad because of our trainees’ faith in us.

After experiencing an unprecedented demand for Data Science courses, we are introducing an Online Data Science Summer Internship programme where students have an opportunity to learn and train in Data Science along with the chance to get hands-on training with real-life use cases. 

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    Start Date: May 25 – July 29, 2022
    Duration: 2 Months
    Mode: Online
    Certification: Course completion certificate & Internship Certification (For those who meet the criteria)
    Pre-requisites: Currently pursuing BTech/BE/BCom/ or Mtech/ME//MCA/MCom

    Enthusiastic to learn Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Technologies.
    Internship Fee:18,999 INR including GST
    Registration Fee: 5000 INR


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    This special IBM Certified Summer Data Science Internship Programme has been systematically designed to provide a comprehensive introduction and orientation to the exciting world of Data Science. This is a 2 month (64 days) Summer training program for students who are pursuing their bachelor’s or Masters’s degrees. (BTech, BE, BCA, BCom, MTech, ME, MCA, MCom).

    The curriculum design is intensive, in the sense that, it begins by teaching the fundamental concepts of Data Science and trains you in a manner that helps you master key Data Science concepts. The syllabus is sketched in a way that every trainee receives niche knowledge of Data Science concepts and gains work experience during their time at Innomatics Research Labs, Hyderabad. 

    We teach from scratch so the course content is made easy for every student to be able to grasp concepts satisfactorily. It is also unique in way that the content doesn’t match the curriculum of any other Data science training institute in Hyderabad. Therefore our curriculum & teaching methodology is unique and will make you industry-ready.


    Details Dates
    Registration Opens April 6th, 2022
    Registration Close May 25th, 2022
    Internship Duration 2 Months

    Internship Highlights

     8 weeks of intensive online training
     Get trained by top professionals and industry experts
     Personal assistance from certified mentors
     Globally accepted IBM certification
     Opportunity to upskill & upgrade
     Enhance your resume by building a solid GitHub & LinkedIn portfolio
     Guaranteed placement assistance (Strictly performance based)
     Opportunity to grab a position with us (This will be based on your training and professional conduct)


    Summer camp program Syllabus (Data Science Curriculum)

    1. Introduction to Data Science

    • Introduction to data science
    • Application of Data Science
    • Download and Install Anaconda
    • Overview of Jupyter Notebook

    2. Python for AI/ML

    • Why Python?
    • Flow Control
    • Number, Strings, List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set
    • Function, Lambda, Map
    • Modules and Packages

    3. Statistics

    • Linear Algebra
    • Statistics
    • Probability

    4. Data Analysis

    • Data Analysis with Numpy
    • Pandas
    • Data Visualization with Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
    • Plotly

    5. Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Exploratory Data Analysis
      a. Iris Dataset, Titanic and Tips Dataset
      b. Univariate Analysis (Numerical data)
      c. Bivariate Analysis (Numerical data)
      d. Working with categorical data
      e. Bar Plot and Count Plot
      f. Python Implementation on various datasets
    • Mini Project: Performing EDA on a dataset
    • Web Scraping


    • Introduction
    • Linear and Multiple Regression
    • K-Nearest Neighbor (Distance Based Learning)
    • Logistic Regression
    • Support Vector Machine (Distance Based Learning)
    • Navie Bayes Classifier
    • Decision Tree (Rule – Based)
    • Ensemble Methods
    • Performance Measurements of Model


    • Clustering
    • Dimensionality Reduction Technique – PCA

    8. Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Text Mining

    • Tokenization
    • Stop Words
    • Special Characters
    • Regular Expressions
    • Stemming
    • Lemmatization
    • Bag of Word
    • TF-IDF
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Spam Detection
    • ChatBot

    9. Computer Vision

    • Introduction to Multimedia Data
    • Hands-on with OpenCV
    • Working with Images
    • Implementation of Face Detection
    • Pose Detection
    • Hand Tracking

    10. Major Projects

    • Web Scraping
    • Project Development and Deployment on Cloud
    • Regression based ML Project 
    • Classification based ML Project
    • Clustering based ML Project

    Program Outcomes

     IBM certification
     Gain real-time industry knowledge
     Hands-on experience with live projects
     A solid Github and LinkedIn profile
     Thorough knowledge of fundamentals in Data Science
     Eligibility for advanced courses & specialization in Data Science
     Access to industry connects, guest lectures and workshops from Innomatics even after course completion
     Enhance presentation skills and develop your confidence
     Viva sessions to test knowledge and provide feedback

    A few reviews from our students

    Mithun Reddy

    Experiencing a real-time work environment is a must for every student irrespective of their age. And this is what this institution provides. I just love the mode of their delivering, the course viz in a professional yet easily understandable way. All the subjects were explained with practical examples making it easy to absorb the concepts. It is an excellent and very useful program for students who are interested to build their career in IT.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Teja Vardhan V

    I have gained excellence expertise in the machine learning course with the help of the summer workshop held in 2018 at innomatics training institute. Trainer Srikanth was very professional & informative with simple and live examples. His lectures will motivate and definitely be helpful in shaping the future of many young students.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Pranadeep Reddy

    The learning environment is so pleasing that it feels like your home away from home. I’m a guy who always used to spend summers in travelling. But thought of doing something productive last year that could make money for me. And I came to know about this through the internet. Well, apart from making my last summer productive, you also helped me in getting a job at the reputed institute and a big thank you to you!!

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Jayanth Kumar

    I participated in the summer camp program 2018 held by Innomatics on python for data science. And now am lucky enough to work as a full-time python developer at a reputed software company. All thanks to your 40 days of the workshop which brought an opportunity for me to earn at a very young age.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Madhuri Netha

    My summer has always been boring and non-productive. When I got to know about this summer program, with no second thought I just went enrolling with this institute and now am lucky enough to be the part of their 2 summer camp training for a simultaneous year. They dealt it in an extraordinary way. I am super happy with Innomatic’s training sessions.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Lavan Kumar G

    I have got placed for a reputed institute as a junior data analyst after getting my certification for the summer workshop in the year 2018. It is a very good platform for freshers. This training program is majorly given by high qualified staff. This helps me in my career growth and build my knowledge.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Vijay Rao

    I say the people who get enrolled with their summer camp programs are luckiest enough as they have got a great opportunity of internship assistance at their institute.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp

    Siva Shankar Gajjala

    I have attended IBM’s Certified Data Science with AI, they have highly qualified and professional people to deliver the lecture. This helps me in my career growth and build my knowledge up. I can say one of the best data science training institutes in Hyderabad for the one who is looking out for every professional course in IT sector out there.

    Student - Data Science Summer Camp
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Summer Camp program

    What is the summer workshop about?

    After seeing unprecedented demand for Data Science, we are organizing an internship session for students. This Summer, grab the opportunity to upskill yourself in ways that help you gain knowledge and be job-ready

    Is this internship online or offline?

    This Summer Data Science Internship Program is only available online. Hence it is important that every candidate has a dedicated laptop & a reliable internet connection.

    Will this help me gaining a job after completion of my graduation in

    Yes. Not only BTech students but many more students hailing from various different fields will be eligible for Data Science jobs, advanced Data Science degrees and more, after completing this Summer Data Science Internship with Innomatics Research Labs.

    Who is the faculty involved in training?

    Our network comprises over 70 industry experts who hail from Fortune 500 companies and are considered to be experts in their respective fields. We also have a dedicated team of in-house Data Scientists who will help you with the queries and concerns, if any.

    Can a non-IT Graduate/Professional learn Data Science?

    Yes, we teach right from scratch. Our intensive industry-aligned curriculum has been designed in a way that even without a technical or programming background, anyone can easily follow the courses. We will help you build skills in areas where you face the most amount of challenges.

    What are the skills required to learn this course?

    No special skills are required. Basic knowledge of computer & internet tools is more than enough. The basics of certain programming languages are beneficial but not essential.

    Is it worth learning Data science in summer camp program?

    Our office is open from 10 PM to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. You are welcome to visit during this time. You can also mail us at or call us at +91-9951171808. We would love to hear from you.

    How can I contact you for the fees structure and all other details of the workshop?

    Well, we love to hear from you and lucky enough to respond you within 24 hours of working tenure. You can catch us at or call us on +91-9951171808 with all your queries.

    Is EMI available for this course?

    There is no EMI available for this course. Payments will be one-time, no installations.

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