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Certified DevOps Training with 100% Placement

What is DevOps?

As you can understand the term itself, DevOps has derived from the two terms, ‘development’ and ‘operations’. By providing a system-oriented approach, DevOps focused on delivering rapid IT solutions. By emphasizing the people, DevOps seeks to create better collaboration between the development and the operation team. While having your DevOps training in Hyderabad, you can understand that by leveraging automation tools, DevOps can increase the dynamic infrastructure of the entire software community.It is with the help of DevOps that companies can participate in finding faster solutions along with building a more operational environment for the workspace. By enhancing the quality of the line of codes, DevOps ensures faster delivery. During your DevOps course in Hyderabad, you can quickly learn all the underlying features and core applications of DevOps.

Prerequisites to Learn DevOps

There is no particularly labelled prerequisite to learn DevOps. Still, as it revolves around the Development and Operational unit for a company, it is essential to have a clear insight into how these teams work. While opting for DevOps training in Hyderabad, a person needs to have the basic knowledge of computer programming along with the following:
  • Being able to write code in the text editor
  • Knows how to work around with the command line
  • Having a basic sysadmin knowledge
  • How to start a service, installing and configuring packages.
Even if you are completely unaware of some of the terms mentioned above, our DevOps course training institute in Hyderabad could undoubtedly make you aware of the same.

About DevOps Certification Training Course

Looking at the current job market, there is a massive demand for all the DevOps. After completing your DevOps training in Hyderabad, you can quickly increase your chances of getting hired by one of the top multinational companies. The majority of the companies accept the DevOps certification training program offered by Innomatics Research Labs in India and truth to be told. Some of them are also under Fortune 500. So, if you want a steady career growth in your life, make sure that you take the certification program seriously.
After having to work for just three years, any DevOps engineer can quickly draw 10 to 15 Lakhs per annum, which is an excellent assurance in itself. So, indulge yourself in training, and you can outshine your peers and friends.

Choose your Course of Interest

Key Features of DevOps

While opting for the DevOps training in Hyderabad, you need to understand that there are several features of DevOps and flexibility in the workspace, you can’t find another. Having a career in DevOps is the most versatile way in which you can be proved beneficial for the company. To reap all the advantages of such a career, you need to enroll yourself in one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad. DevOps can help a company to comprise a single team with cross-functional members who are ready to work in collaboration. It is DevOps that can provide a company with maximum agility, stability, functionality, speed, and above all, innovation.
Some of the key features of DevOps include:
  • Better operational support for companies
  • Better IT processes with team management
  • Better team flexibility and agility
  • An engaging team with happier individuals
  • Promoting collaboration works
  • Self-improvement with cross-skills
  • Engaging in multi-tasking activities
Take this point into consideration, while opting for the DevOps course in Hyderabad, make sure that the institution makes you accustomed to all these key features.

Why Should You Take DevOps Course?

If you want to transform your life into a new direction, DevOps training in Hyderabad is the perfect choice for you. Even while you are starting at a beginner level, you can always reach out to an expert level in no time. Innomatics Research Labs has deemed to be one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad for a reason. Our DevOps certification program directly complements the present industry scenario along with their standard requirements.

You can always take the DevOps course for one of the following reasons:

  • Getting a subjective knowledge of DevOps
  • Learn how to resolve various industry level problems
  • Getting a precise knowledge of infrastructures, servers, their scalability and availability
  • Learning automatic installation and their deployment
  • Implementing virtual knowledge in real world
  • Learning the very basis of security for the company’s infrastructure
  • Understanding the underlying performance
  • Acquiring skills for monitoring and logging
  • Enhancing your skills in the cloud, for example, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure
  • Learning to solve real-time industry problems
If you want to go for the DevOps courses in Hyderabad, India makes sure that you are enrolling for one of the reasons, as mentioned above. Whatever you do, execute it for a reason. Don’t come into peer pressure or just for the sake of career. If you have a real interest in learning DevOps, Innomatics Research Labs has got you covered.

Why DevOps Training in Innomatics Research Labs?

Innomatics Research Labs is one of the most prestigious and reputed institutes throughout India. Innomatics Research Labs also considered one of the Best DevOps training institutes in Hyderabad. It can give you some more obvious reasons to trust in the quality of education provided here. The industry experts have mainly designed the DevOps training so that along with mastering all the theoretical concepts, you get hands-on experience with the real deal. With a state-of-the-art learning curriculum, students can now have the best learning experience on DevOps.

Here is a list of some of the significant benefits you can reap while having your DevOps training in Innomatics:

  • Learn everything from the industry experts
  • The best in class faculty members
  • Hands-on experience with all the advanced tools and features
  • Learning to work in the real world
  • Online and Offline course availability
  • Get individual level guidance

A limited number of seats for a better education. So, without wasting any further time, enroll yourself in the DevOps course in Hyderabad and start to enjoy the life you have always wanted.

DevOps Course Curriculum

DevOps Introduction

  • What is DevOps
  • Why DevOps
  • What is SDLC
  • Introduction to DevOps Automation
  • Linux Essentials
  • Virtualization

DevOps Tools

  • Continues Integration & Continues Delivery
  • GIT
  • Automate Build Process
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • Managing Jenkins
  • Creating Application Builds
  •  Plugins
  • Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration and Testing
  • Finding and Managing Plugins
  • Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Master and slave configuration


  • Introduction to Chef
  • Setting up the Environment
  • Chef Server
  • Resources
  • Recipes and Cookbooks
  • Local Cookbook Development Basics
  • Building Web & Application server Cookbook
  • Attributes
  • Data-Bags
  • Roles
  • Environments
  • Chef Supermarket


  • Introduction
  • Setting up Vagrant
  • Using Vagrant
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Networking


  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Architecture and Process Flow
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Ansible Inventory and Configuration
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Ansible Modules
  • Create and use templates to create customized configuration files
  • Working with Ansible facts and variables
  • Roles
  • Install ansible tower and use it to manage systems


  • Docker
  • Working with Containers
  • Kubernetes
  • Monitoring
  • Nagios
  • Elastic search + Logstash + Kibana

 DevOps Course FAQs

What Makes DevOps Course from Innomatics So Special?

Everything is extraordinary with the DevOps training offered by Innomatics Research labs. Considered as one of the most prestigious training institutes throughout India, Innomatics provide an in-depth course with a comprehensive certification program. You get to learn from the industry experts, along with getting hands-on experience with the DevOps framework. The entire training program crafted to help you master the skills towards your DevOps roadmap.

What are the Support Systems Available for the Students?

Innomatics Research labs provide you with a 24/7 support system to get an answer to all of your queries. Our trainers are always eager to help you so that you get to learn all about DevOps. When it comes to clearing your doubts, we put all of our efforts to create a seamless experience.

What are the Different Modes of Training Available?

You have the liberty to choose between on-campus training and online courseware for the DevOps training offered by Innomatics Research Labs. Here, we believe that education is for everyone, and your distance shouldn’t create a hindrance for your learning. 


Is this Course Self-Paced?

Yes, we offer a self-paced course for our online classroom. If you believe that you want to learn at your own pace, so be it. It all comes down to getting a start state-of-the-art training, and no one can come between that. 


Can I Get a DevOps Job Just by Completing the Course?

Indeed, you won’t be getting any job just by completing any course. But, with our job assistance program, we can help you land into your dream job by sharing your CV with potential recruiters. As per the government guidelines, we can’t guarantee you with a job, but we promise that you could get complete assistance from us until you get one. 


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