Future Proof Yourself by Learning Python in 2018

Python is a high-level programming language that emphasizes on readability of code. It’s a very dynamic type of system that allows automation of memory and its management. It supports multiple programs that are object-oriented or imperative, functional and procedural.

Why should you learn Python in 2018?
All the attention Python garnered in 2017 as it topped the ladder of most popular language is there to stay. The wide acceptance of Python by the developers who actually get their hands dirty by developing exceptional web, mobile and desktop solutions is a proof of potential that
Python holds.
This article is not about telling you to use Python in your next project, it is all about what you can achieve by learning Python in 2018.

Python is easily digestible:
Python offers an easily readable code that makes its quite close to writing English like statement and augmenting accelerated coding and easy to write code for complex mathematical representation. Even if you are new to Python, it feels like an old friend.

As easy as it is, Python coding makes it easy to follow the best coding practices and the complete code is easy to maintain and looks strikingly beautiful. Coding in Python is an enjoyable experience ensuring that your time is optimized and the return on your time investment is higher.

Python quickly prepares you for the revolution Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is about to bring.

Python supports web development.
PHP that ruled the landscape of website development is kind of cooling off. It has leveled off since some years and Python perfectly fits in the requirement of web development give PHP even tough competition to maintain its existing ranks.

With the frameworks like Django, Python makes web development delightful and exceptional bringing down the time of development from hours to just a few minutes.

What more the code is more stable. Are you worried about customization? Try out Flask to put the final nail in the coffin that makes sure Python supports impressive web development.

Python grows with the product
The concept of a Minimum Viable Product was bought in with the hard facts that a product needs to grow as the needs of customers change or the business strategy changes. Python is one programming language that makes it quick and easy to reach the MVP stage. With 5 times lesser coding lines compared to Java and 10 times lesser as compared to C++, Python is an ideal partner to reach the market quick.

Python has made a strong foothold among the startups and that proves Python is opening up more job opportunities for you.

Python programmer get meaty Salaries

We will be a little blunt here. After all the facts about easy to code, quick to write and all the technical aspects, a programmer must know the monetization potential Python will bring you.

Python goes much beyond just jobs in startups. With Google and NASA using Python, it opens up a gate to really big dollar figures. In the TIOBE ranking, GitHub ranking and StackOverflow reports of 2017, Python has roughly stabilized its place between 3rd and 5th positions and has shown the highest growth percentage of 6.8% in the last 5 years.

Apart from procuring higher salaries, Python brings you diversity to work web/mobile and desktop solutions. Being a Python developer will offer a significant bump to your salary as it is apt for scientific level programming bringing in more salaries.

Python offers security.
With Cybersecurity a major hassle, many major players are moving towards Python as it brings around more secure solutions. Cyberspace has become very insecure but with scripting languages like Python, you can save hours of coding effort that goes into securing the code built
in Java or C++.

AI is the future and Python fuels AI
Scientific research was always struggling with old-school language like MATLAB. Both the scholars and scientists were eagerly looking forward to something new that would be making things crisper than they were. Python holds a tremendous potential to handle complex numerical computations. NumPy and SciPy libraries offer tremendous support to complex calculations that are involved in AI. It offers
speed and multiple libraries to develop the code and Python is expected to rule the landscape of AI for a long time.

Python is more flexible than ever
Python is larger than it seems to be. Its flexibility, ease of learning and speed of development has made it a rapidly growing programming language that is supported by an active community. June 2017 a study was conducted by Stack Overflow where Python was voted as the most visited tag in influential countries like UK and US. Within a span of five years, Python has proved its mettle with its acceptance in startups, big enterprises, and scientific research. It has grown 2.5 times in popularity as compared to any other language.

To wrap:
Currently, Python is the most visited language on Stack Overflow and is ranking at position #3 on TIOBE 2017 report. These stats speak louder than words. It is growing at the fastest rate. From 2016 to 2017, Python has shown a growth of 27%. Learning Python the right way can help you procure the job of a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Expert, Artificial Intelligence Engineer or a software engineer. Python finds its application in developing Machine Learning algorithms,

building Deep neural networks, analyzing complex data lakes, build AI based Chatbots, helping build solutions for natural language processing and manage server-side applications on the web. With big brands like Google, DropBox, YouTube, Quora and IBM using Python, the market value of Python developers has gone up significantly. With Python getting closer to the ranks of Java and Objective-C, Python is creeping up. If you are ready to learn Python and overhaul or kick start your career in software development, Innomatics Technology Hub is the right place, to begin with. Learn from industry experts with an entirely practical perspective.

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