the scariest virus which is spreading fast worldwide since its detection in ChinaBig Data

How is China tackling CoronaVirus (COVID-19) using Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

CoronaVirusthe scariest virus which is spreading fast worldwide since its detection in China. There are victims from different parts of the world who are affected by this mysterious virus.

Many health care organizations and centres declared it as a significant emergency. Most of the countries are trying to win over this, and there have been many quarantines, lock-downs on significant cities, limits on travel, and accelerated research on vaccine development.

Amid this, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are helping the corona outbreak. There are various important use cases of these critical technologies helping to detect and fight with the coronavirus.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the outbreak Analytics

AI is all about analytics. It can be used to identify the disease and forecast the nature of spread. Some companies AI algorithms helped in finding and analyzing through multiple resources such as news, social media platforms, and government documents to predict the outbreak.

To help diagnose the Coronavirus on CT Scans

Since this virus is spreading like wildfire, AI developer launched a solution in China to help clinicians detect and monitor the diseases in an efficient way, which reduces the waiting time of patients. 

Sterilization Robots to help cleaning the coronavirus quarantine wards

There is no cure found yet for this mysterious virus,  even the doctor and family members of a patient, are finding it hard to enter the wards. So to overcome this, “Autonomous sterilization robots” are launched to help hospitals in quickly moving in quarantine zones to sterilize viruses without human intervention. A robot developer from china deployed 10 disinfection robots across major hospitals in Wuhan.

Processing claims for the administrative paperwork processing

To facilitate every patient and to speed up the admin process, block-chain powered services are used in hospitals that are being helped in the processing of claims and reducing the need for face-to-face contact amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

 Drones to offer aerial delivery of medical supplies in virus outbreak areas

Drones are considered as the fastest and safest means to transport supplies during disease outbreaks. An AI startup based in Singapore launched the first “‘urban air transportation channel,” which delivers medical supplies for the people of Zhejiang and the county’s disease control centre, which is the most severe coronavirus hit the province.

 Chatbots to pass along the alerts and communicate regarding the coronavirus

Chatbots are always great in providing effective information instantly. A startup from Japan launched a Chatbot that can be accessed through a mobile App, for travellers to update on the latest number, effects, causes, symptoms, preventative measures, and treatment procedures on the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, China’s tech leaders Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent also joined the tech revolution on the outbreak.  Baidu has open-sourced its RNA prediction algorithm LinearFold, which helps researchers accelerate the time taken to predict the viruses.

Alibaba launched a new AI-based system to detect coronavirus infection via CT scans with an accuracy of up to 96% in less than 20 seconds. They also launched a feature to track individuals affected with the coronavirus using coloured QR codes.

Big Data track the cases

Big Data technology is being used to track, screen priority, and effectively forecast the development of the epidemic in real-time, which was mentioned by china’s epidemic in recent times.

Considering the faster spread of the outbreak, frontlines need technologies and tools to help in identifying, making things faster and accurate. People who consider emerging technology as a bane will now consider it a boon that is helping at the crucial times.

Innomatics Research Labs is proud and bows to each and every AI developer who is pitching in and helping china detect and handle the coronavirus outbreak.