Basically it is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It is the field of study that gives computer the capability to learn things and gather knowledge without being explicitly programmed. In short your machine/system is learning on its own.It works on Data, then it analyze the data and then response and gives you the feel of real human and It really makes work more easier than your expectations.

So lets get into more brief there are some key terminologies
1. Data converts into information
2. Data can be a image, video, text file, csv file etc.
3. It is a problem solving tools i.e through ML we can develop tools which cal solve any problems.
4. for example: Traveling Salesman Problems Chess Game and many more
5. It is a combination of Computer Science, Statistics
6. Learn from data and then act.
7. Optimize performance criteria using past experience.

1.Image Processing
2.Voice Recognition
3.Optical Character Recognition


Machine learning can keep an eye or keep track track on apartments. For example, there are several machine learning applications in industry of smart homes and these key allow the house owner to learn when there is movement in a house with push-up messages.
As we all aware of how Machine learning has made dramatic improvements in the past few years and we are still very far from reaching human performance and still many times, the machine needs human assistance to complete its task. But as the technologies growing/developing so fast that day is not far when it will completely capture human minds.
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