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Student Internship Program - 2020
on Artificial Intelligence

Student Internship Program on Artificial Intelligence – 2020

What is Student’s Internship program?

Innomatics Research Lab brings forth another great opportunity of Student’s AI program for all the graduates and final year students who are looking forward to a great future ahead.Just make sure not to get immersed into the season of holidays, because while everyone will be partying hard, you can hone your programming skills to beat them all.

Believe it or not, but Data Science, along with analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence as well as automation, has become the heart of every other booming company. Such an astronomical growth has lead the industry to look out for professionals who have the skill set of digging through this huge array of data. One of the biggest companies of all time IBM has also predicted that there is going to be an increase of 18% for job demand by 2020. This gives the students a perfect opportunity to learn the skills that are in demand while the market is not saturated with the same.

While the industry is shifting towards the direction of Automation and Artificial Intelligence, college degrees are not adequate enough to compensate for the skills that are required to perform these tasks. That is why reputed and profound institutions like Innomatics Research Lab, Hyderabad has come up with their Student’s AI internship program to provide students with the knowledge to cope up with the changing job market.

Particularly this year, Innomatics have chosen AI internship because it is the centerpiece around which the entire data science revolves around. There has also been an exponential increase in the demand for courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Python programming language and every other technology associated with Data Science.

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More into AI Internship Program - 2020

Student internship program on Artificial Intelligence 2020
The AI internship program has been systematically scheduled for a duration of 45 days so that students can get a clear overview as well as in-depth knowledge of the subjects that are to be discussed. The timing has been set from 09 AM – 01 PM on every working day of the week (Monday to Friday).
This is solely to reflect the students under a disciplined regiment. Starting from final year students to recent graduates and even employee with less than 2 years of experience can join the program, given that they have an eagerness to learn something new.
The courses have been designed in such a matter that every student can grasp the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and all the other subjects related to it, including data science. This virtual training period at Innomatics Research Labs, Hyderabad is also going to increase the confidence of the students while gaining experience from the real work space. The courses have been made easy to understand with the commitment of making every individual understand from the faculty members and industry professionals.

Skillsets Required to a Data Scientist

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have become the main focal point due to the increase in demand for data scientists. Here is a list of all the skill-sets that are to be required for being a data scientist or AI specialist. The same will be taught to the students who will be appearing for the AI internship program:

Expertise in computer fundamentals
Stronghold on high-level programming language like Python
Knowledge in Machine Learning
Text Mining
Ability to work with both structured and unstructured data
Adequate knowledge of data modelling and evaluation
Knowledge in statistical mathematics
Data wrangling

Student internship program on Artificial Intelligence
programme highlights

Internship Program Highlights

  • 45 days of intensive training program for Artificial Intelligence
  • Specially created for recent graduates and final year students
  • No prerequisite required
  • Learn industry-oriented skills like Data Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Python, Text Mining, and Deep Learning
  • Attain to an expert level at technologies related to Data Science and Capstone Project.
  • Built-up a resume like none other
  • Become an in-demand professional
  • Increasing your chance of getting a better opportunity
  • Placement assistance like none other
  • Start out, joining a company with a higher pay scale

Artificial Intelligence Internship Program Curriculum

Module1 – Statistics

Introduction to Data Science
Statistics History, Definition
Sampling Techniques
Variable Types
Measures of Central Tendencies
Measures of Dispersion
Probability concepts and Applications
Confusion Matrix and Performance Metrics
Random Variable and Expectation concepts
Probability Distributions
Gaussian Distribution/Normal Distribution
Standardization of Normal Distribution
Z-Score and Standardization of data
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
– Chi-Square test
– T-test
– F test/F-Distribution
– Testing about variance of population

Module 2 – Python Programming

IIntroduction, Variable types and Operators
Data Types and Data Structures
Control Flow
Conditional Statements
File Handling
OOPS – Class and Object
Data Analysis – EDA
Data Visualization
Matplotlib, Seaborn
Introduction to Tableau
Regular Expressions

Module 3 – Machine Learning

Supervised Learning
Linear Regression
Case Study:
1. Predict the total revenue generated of an online game based on customer info
2. Predict the real estate prices of a prominent city in the USA.
Logistic Regression
Case Study:
1. Predict whether a customer will take a loan or not using various attribute information of customers
2. Predict the health risk (Heart stroke) associated with a patient given some historical data of patients
Decision Trees
Case Study:
1. Predict whether a patient will get affected by cancer or not in the future
2. Predict whether a customer will churn or not for a services company in telecom sector
Case Study:
1. Predict whether a patient will get affected by diabetes or not given some historical health information
Random Forest
Bagged Cart
Case Study:
1. Predict the wine type based on the chemical properties of wine samples
2. Predict survival using titanic dataset
Ada Boost
Gradient Boost
Case Study:
1. Human Activity recognition using smart phones data
2. Kaggle competition
Case Study:
1. Predict the wine color based on the chemical properties of wine samples
2. Predict wholesale prices and the channels based on customers ‘ dataset
Unsupervised Learning
K-Means Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering
Case Study:
1. Create clusters on the grocery items purchased by customers from various locations
Collaborative Filtering – Recommendations
Case Study:
1.Build a music recommendation system
Market Basket Analysis

Module 4 – NLP/Text Mining

Introduction and Libraries in NLP
Text Pre-processing
Word and Sentence Tokenization
POS Tagging
Stop Word Removal and other techniques
Case Study:
1. NLP toolkits and pre-processing techniques applied on text data set
Natural Language Understanding
Text Similarity Techniques
Count Vectorizer
Cosine Similarity
Levenstein’s Distance
Case Study:
1. Text similarity measures applied on songs data set.
Text Indexing
Case Study:
1. Building a machine learning model on coffee dataset to perform text indexing
Text Classification
Case Study:
1. Sentiment analysis on IMDB movie dataset
2. Spam classification of incoming emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Module 5 – Deep Learning

Deep Learning History
MP Neuron – McCulloch-Pitts Neuron
Case Study:
1. Build a predictive model to perform classification on the existing use case to demonstrate linearity of a Perceptron model
Multi-Layer Perceptron
Sigmoid Neuron
Case Study:
1. Build a machine learning model to perform classification on the existing dataset to demonstrate how sigmoid neuron caters to nonlinearity in the dataset
Artificial Neural Networks
Case Study:
1. Build an image classifier to recognize hand written images using MNIST image dataset
Keras and Tensorflow
Convolutional Neural Networks
Case Study:
1. Image pre-processing techniques applied on real images dataset
2. Build an image classifier using CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 image datasets.

Module 6 – Cap Stone Project

Cap Stone Project and deployment

Program Outcome

  • Every intern will be provided with an e-material and certificate
  • Hands-on with industry-oriented education
  • Gaining a thorough knowledge of data science, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and much more
  • Advanced level expertise in data science technologies and capstone projects
  • Virtual interview with honest feedbacks
  • Getting job-ready
  • Being independent to look for multiple options
programme outcome

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Student's Artificial Intelligence internship all about?

What the advancement of technology, it is very important to keep up with the ever-changing world. The main outcome of the internship is to hone the skills of students and employees on data science skills and make them job-ready.

Is any prerequisite required for the internship?

No such prerequisite is required in order to opt for the internship. One just needs to be accustomed to some of the programming languages. The sole purpose is to become job-ready even when starting from complete scratch.

How this internship is going to help the students pursuing B.Tech?

The eligibility criterion for applying the internship has been given to the final year students, graduates we have recently passed out and for employees with less than three years of experience. So, surely if you are someone who is having is pursuing engineering, this is going to help you in the long run.

What are the career opportunities in AI?

It is very important to understand that while pursuing your engineering degree, everyone is going through the same curriculum. So, in order to stand out, our workshop is a must-have. Along with that, there are more than 90,000 jobs currently available in the market, so it won’t be a wise decision to overlook our internship programme.

How can I get in touch for more information regarding the internship programme?

You can either mail us at [email protected] or give us a call on +91-9951666670 to get all of your queries answered. You can always expect a response within 24 hours, and we would really be happy to hear from you.

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