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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training with 100% Placements Assistance & Internship

Cloud Storage is a major part of the business, and this can reduce the annual operating costs by utilizing cloud storage. This ensures affordability and cost savings by storing the data. Cloud Market is growing each year very rapidly, and the growth is leading to many opportunities and challenges for the businesses. Due to the major shift and advantages in cloud technology, every business is moving to the AWS cloud, which plays a vital role in cloud technology.

According to statistics, it is stated that AWS has expanded on an average of 48% over the three years.

In this AWS Course Training, we train candidates on the advanced concepts like S3, EC2, VAT, Cloud trail, lambda, AMI creation, EBS persistent storage, and many more. Industry exposure with certified industry experts who helped Large migrations will help in understanding the real-world problems.

Who can learn the AWS course?

AWS course training is ideal for cloud developers, and people who have experience with deployment, integration platform can learn the AWS certification course. This will help them in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

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    What is the Scope of AWS Course Training?

    AWS professionals are being ranked amongst the highest-paid IT certification holders. In the cloud-computing platform, businesses need a person who possesses a piece of the vast knowledge of cloud development, designing, and architecture skills. AWS course certification is recognized as the highest-paying info-tech certifications, and there are top MNC’s who hire and pay well for the cloud specialists.

    Thus, Innomatics Research Labs has put its tremendous efforts towards making an individual into a certified AWS associate or AWS professional, thereby making sure to be the Best AWS training institute in Hyderabad.

    Why Amazon web services course

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Course Curriculum

    1. AWS Introduction

    • About AWS
    • AWS History
    • AWS Global Infrastructure
    • AWS account creation

    2. Identity & Access Management (IAM)

    • IAM Intro
    • Policies
    • User
    • Role
    • Group
    • Reports

    3. EC2

    • EC2 Intro
    • Instance Types
    • Instance Purchasing Options
    • Pricing
    • EBS vs Instance Store
    • ELB
    • EC2 Command Line
    • EC2 IAM Role
    • Using Bootstrap Scripts
    • EC2 Instance Metadata
    • Auto scaling

    4. S3

    • S3 Intro
    • Bucket creation
    • Version control
    • Cross Region replication
    • Life Cycle Management & Glacier
    • S3 Security & Encryption
    • S3 Transfer Acceleration
    • Hosting static Web site
    • Server & Object Logging
    • S3 Permissions
    • Analytics, Metrics & Inventory

    5. VPC

    • VPC Intro
    • Creating custom VPC
    • Access Control List
    • NAT Device & Instance
    • Bastion Server
    • VPC Peering
    • Internet Gateway
    • EIP
    • Route Tables.

    6. Database Services

    • DBMS Intro
    • Creating MySQL RDS Instance
    • RDS Backup
    • RDS Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
    • RDS Snapshots

    7. Route 53

    • Route 53 Intro
    • DNS Registration Intro
    • DNS Records
    • Simple Routing Policy
    • Weighted Routing Policy
    • Latency Routing Policy
    • Failover Routing Policy
    • Geolocation Routing Policy
    • Health Check
    • Multi Value Answer Policy

    8. Application Services

    • SNS, Cloud Watch
    • Billing & Pricing
    • Different Support Level
    • AWS Organisation
    • Cost Calculator
    • Shared Responsibility Model

    What are the Modes of AWS Training?

    We provide the AWS classroom training course in Hyderabad for the individuals who believe hand-held training. We teach as per the Indian Standard Time (IST) with In-depth practical Knowledge on each topic in classroom training, 80 – 90 Hrs of Real-time practical training classes. There are different slots available on weekends or weekdays according to your choices. We are also available over the call or mail or direct interaction with the trainer for active learning.

    For any queries feel free to call/whatsapp us on +91-9951666670 or mail at info@innomatics.in

    We provide Online AWS Course Training for the individuals who are occupied with work and the person who believes in one-one learning. We teach as per the Indian Standard Timings, feasible to you, providing in-depth knowledge of Amazon Web Services(AWS). We are available round the clock on WhatsApp, emails, or calls for clarifying doubts and instance assistance, also giving lifetime access to self-paced learning.

    For any queries feel free to call/whatsapp us on +91-9951666670 or mail at info@innomatics.in

    We provide AWS Course Training for corporates, to help businesses strengthen the marketing process and reap huge benefits. We always stay updated and provide AWS training on real-time use cases, which bridges the gap enabling the organization to capitalize on the potential of the employees.

    For any queries feel free to Call/WhatsApp us on +91-9951666670 or mail at info@innomatics.in

    What are the Job roles in AWS?

    AWS Career in India and Job roles of AWS
    AWS unveils the doors to many job opportunities. From the developers, Architects to cloud gurus, there are various job roles based on the level of work they do.

    Cloud Developer
    Cloud architect
    Cloud DevOps Engineer
    Cloud Software Engineer
    SysOps Administrator
    AWS Certified Developer

    Why Choose Innomatics Research Labs

    10+ Real-Time Expert Trainers from Top MNCs
     An Authorized training Partner of IBM
     Backup Classes and Access to the LMS
     Practical Training on Live Projects
     Individual Assistance from In-house AWS Experts
     In house Internship on our projects & products
     Certified and Assured placements for both IT and NON-IT
     Handouts, Workshops, Practical Exercises & Assignments
     Mock Interviews and CV Preparation

    Why IBM Certified Data Science at Innomatics Research Labs

    Our AWS Training Methodology

    Digital Marketing Training Methodology

    We understand what it takes to provide the practice with a positive impact. Working on a business case study is always interesting and informative. We follow a practical training approach rather than the theoretical one who helps an individual gain in-depth knowledge of technology and deployment scenarios.

    Digital Marketing Internship at Innomatics research labs

    We provide opportunities to learn, explore, and experience for the best and brightest minds who are passionate about growing. Our internship program helps individuals accelerate their careers in the AWS cloud platform. We have the projects and programs which allow the trainee to gain practical knowledge and gain experience.

    Digital Marketing Industry connects

    Experiences make much difference in the business, and in AWS, experience matters a lot. We let our trainees connect with industry experts to connect and learn the business challenges, case studies, and how to overcome them.

    Digital Marketing Mockup Interviews & CV preparation

    We conduct mockups interviews which help trainees overcome the fear of conversations and know the updates and real challenges in AWS. We also help in building a better CV that is compelling and attracts the recruiter in the first go.

    Digital Marketing Placement Assistance

    We have a dedicated placement verticle to help students find the best employment opportunities and achieve the dream job.


    Our more advanced training programs use further, highly interactive workshops in which participants work in small teams to explore and analyze wide-ranging real-time scenarios derived from businesses. This hands-on, scenario-based approach enables brainstorming, creative thinking, and deeply embedded learning.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on AWS Course

    Why is this AWS course certification course important?

    AWS certification course in Hyderabad will certify the technical understanding and skills in the AWS domain, which is highly considered by the recruiters.

    What are the AWS course certificates available?

    Based on the level and nature of the course, certificates varies. Here are some of the certificates available for AWS course

    For the Designing Architecture – AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional; 

    For the Development on AWS – AWS Certified Developer – Associate, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional;

    For AWS Operations – AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

    Can I learn AWS without having much knowledge of any language?

    Yes, you can. If you have a passion for cloud computing, you can learn AWS.

    What is the future of AWS?

    The never-ending growth of data makes businesses to take advantage of them, to store and develop the data they need the cloud. The widespread use of containers will accelerate the ability of companies to move the entire system to a vendor with cloud access. So cloud computing would be a never-ending process, and companies direly need candidates to execute cloud computing processing.

    What is the average salary of an AWS candidate?

    The minimum salary of an AWS Developer professional is Rs. 1,45,000/- and it could go up to Rs.2,10,000/-.

    What is the primary use of AWS cloud computing in real-time?

    The primary use of AWS cloud computing can be listed as follows.

    1. To build disaster recovery sites.
    2. Hosting websites 
    3. Hosting SaaS-based applications
    4. Distributing Media
    5. Auto Scaling Models
    6. Large Scale analysis
    7. Warehouse utilities

    What are the job roles available in AWS?

    Based on the level of the job and the certification, there are job roles available in AWS. Some of them are 

    1. AWS Cloud Architect
    2. SysOps Administrator
    3. Cloud Developer
    4. Cloud DevOps Manager
    5. AWS Networking Specialist
    6. Cloud Software Engineer

    What are the different levels of AWS certifications?

    AWS certifications depend on the levels of course you take. There are foundation level, associate level, professional level based on the concepts  of the course. These include from development to architect level, and there are some other speciality certifications as well, such as AWS Certified Advanced Networking, AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder, AWS Certified Big Data, AWS Certified Machine Learning, AWS Certified Security.

    What are the system requirements if you have to take the AWS course?

    A laptop with OS (Windows XP SP3 or higher or Mac OSX 10.6 or higher) version is all you need to learn this course.

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