Deep dive pre placement program for data science freshers

Deep Dive Pre-placement training program for Data science trained professionals

Are you a trained Data Science professional and struggling to get a job? We are here to help you. Innomatics Research Labs is proud to launch a “Deep dive pre-placement” program for the well-deserved Data science trained professionals.

Why this program?

With years of experience in being in EdTech and experience in handling more than 110 Batches in Data science alone, we found the secret recipe which makes people industry ready and makes them earn a job without struggling for years.

This course offers extensive and in-depth knowledge on Python, Statistics, Machine Learning Algorithms, implementations with the integration of Data Analytics, Business Analytics. The core of this program will be on the case studies and projects that include all the above concepts and includes one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Apart from Training, you will be interacting with many industry experts and will be working on many near real-time use cases which will help you in applying the knowledge to resolve the business problems.

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    Program Outcomes:

    • Become an expert in implementing Business Analytics, Data Analytics, and Data Science.
    • Solve business problems by implementing the latest technologies in an innovative way.
    • Create diverse applications by implementing Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Data Science methodologies that help for a better understanding of Business problems.
    • Become resourceful and develop one’s individual and professional knowledge.

      Curriculum for the program

      Problem Solving using Python Programming

      Data Analysis

      • Statistical Analysis and Tests
      • Handling Missing Values and Outliers
      • Handling Duplicates in Data
      • End to End Case Studies
        I. Data Analysis using Python
        II. Data Analysis using SQL
        III. Data Analysis using Excel
        IV. Data Analysis using Tableau/Power BI

      Machine Learning

      • Mathematical understanding of ML Algorithms
      • Regularization
      • Bias-Variance Trade-Offs
      • Cross Validations
      • Hyperparameter Tuning
      • Building ML Pipelines
      • Feature Engineering
      • Building ML API’s and cloud deployment

      Deep Learning

      • Attention Models – Encoder Decoder, Auto Encoder, GANs, etc
      • Siamese Network
      • Semantic Segmentation
      • Object Detection – YOLO, SSD
      • Word2vec, Gensim, BERT
      • Understanding GPT

      Computer Vision Project

      NLP Project

      Recommendation Engines

      Who can apply for this program?

      People who are already trained and have reasonable knowledge but struggling to get job due to the gaps in the knowledge can apply for this program.

      Benefits of Deep dive pre-placement program

      You don’t need to pay the complete fee upfront for this program. You can pay only Rs.17,999/- during the registration and pay the remaining amount only after placement. If you are not placed by us, you will have to pay nothing.

      What is the selection criteria?

      • Share your profile with Innomatics Research Labs (Subject line must be “Data science Profile for Deep dive pre-placement” )
      • Attend the technical and HR interview
      • Once selected, pay a nominal registration amount of INR 17,999/-.
      • Sign the agreement for the Deep dive pre-placement program
      • Attend the Deep dive sessions and work on all the use cases given
      • Reverse present the use cases and clear all the internal tests, hackathons, and interviews
      • Appear for the interviews from Innomatics as well outside Organizations
        Registration Fee:

        Rs. 17,999/-

        Pre-placement Training Duration:

        45 Days (Online | Offline)

        Payment after placement:

        50K INR (Excluding the taxes)

        Terms and conditions:
        • The associate must be ready to work with any company and location across India
        • The associate must not reject any offer made by any company unless otherwise there are any hazardous conditions in the company
        • The associate must not claim as an employee of Innomatics or any other associated companies
        • The associate must attend all the training programs, quizzes, and interviews conducted by Innomatics Research Labs.
        • The associate must make his own arrangements w.r.t travel and logistics and must be ready to attend the interview with one day’s notice in advance.
        • The associate must have a good code of conduct within Innomatics as well as outside where he will be represented as a trainee of Innomatics.

          Frequently Asked Questions:

          Is this course online or offline?

          This course will be held online. A zoom link will be sent to your mail beforehand.

          Who will be the trainers?

          We provide the best trainers from all the top industries whose expertise lies in the core concepts of Data Science.

          What will be the curriculum offered?

          Curriculum curated extensively for the trained professionals by the best industry experts will be taught as a curriculum.