Deep dive pre placement program for data science freshers

Pre – Placement Data Science Program

In this era that is driven by information, Data Science emerges as one of the intriguing fields, which is constantly grabbing eyeballs. Data Science is as vast as the ocean, where we get to learn new algorithms, methodologies, develop new applications, make predictions, business decisions and much more. In order to travel in this era, we need to upskill ourselves with new technologies that drive the world. To be confident in what we have learnt, one has to identify the gaps, spaces and breaches in the concepts learned, and eventually become a professional in that particular field.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

We strive to help individuals to fill in the gaps that they have in their learning and provide them with an opportunity to relearn the concepts that they are not well-versed with in order to be confident professionals. With our extensive network of industry experts & round the clock mentoring, we enhance the learning process and ensure that your queries, doubts and concepts are resolved. 

Keeping this in mind, Innomatics Research Labs brings to you a ‘Pre – Placement’ program for qualified Data Science professionals. This “Pre-Placement Program” will help you get a desirable job based on your skill-set. The program is categorised into three categories based on your performance in the pre-assessment test.

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    1. Placement Assistance

    Our robust and comprehensive placement team provides you with job assistance. We do this by recommending top industries that are on a lookout for well trained Data Analysts, Business Analysts and Data Scientists. You will be equipped with rounds of mock interviews (Technical and HR), resume building sessions, training in interpersonal, presentation & communication skills.

      Course Details

      Fee post placement: ₹ 50,000/-

      2. Crash Course & Placement Assistance

      This program is a crash course in Data Science that will help you identify the gaps in knowledge and help you clear the breaches that stop you from getting placed. You will be strapped with multiple sessions, quizzes, assignments and a handful of case studies/ use-cases that build a solid base in technical skills.


      1. Problem Solving using Python Programming
      2. Data Analysis
      ·  Statistical Analysis and Tests
      ·  Handling Missing Values and Outliers
      ·  Handling Duplicates in Data
      · End to End Case Studies
      I. Data Analysis using Python
      II. Data Analysis using SQL
      III. Data Analysis using Excel
      IV. Data Analysis using Tableau/Power BI
      Machine Learning
      · Mathematical understanding of ML Algorithms
      ·  Regularization
      ·  Bias-Variance Trade-Offs
      ·  Cross Validations
      ·  Hyperparameter Tuning
      ·  Building ML Pipelines
      ·  Feature Engineering
      ·  Building ML API’s and cloud deployment
      Deep Learning
      ·  Attention Models – Encoder Decoder, Auto Encoder, GANs, etc
      ·  Siamese Network
      ·  Semantic Segmentation
      ·  Object Detection – YOLO, SSD
      ·  Word2vec, Gensim, BERT
      ·  Understanding GPT
      Computer Vision Project
      NLP Project
      Recommendation Engines

      Course Details

      Fee for crash course: ₹ 17,999/-
      Fee post-placement: ₹ 50,000/-
      Duration: 45 days

      3. Extensive Data Science Course

      In this course, you will be escorted with theoretical and practical knowledge of the entire course, from Python to Deep Learning. This is the most comprehensive of all the programs mentioned above. With LMS access, round the clock mentorship and state-of-the-art training, this program will make you a successful Data Scientist.
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      Module 1: Python Core and Advanced

      Module 2: Data Analysis in Python

      Module 3: Advanced Statistics

      Module 4. SQL for Data Science

      Module 5: Machine Learning Supervised Learning

      Module 6: Machine Learning Unsupervised Learning

      Module 7: Deep Learning

      Module 8: Computer Vision

      Module 9: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

      Module 10: Tableau for Data Science

      Course Details

      Fee Structure:
      Total Offline Fee : ₹ 70,000 + 18% GST
      Total Online Fee : ₹ 60,000 + 18% GST

      EMI Options:
      For Offline:  6 months – ₹ 13,767/month
      9 months – ₹ 9,178/month
      For Online:  6 months – ₹ 11,800/month
      9 months – ₹ 7,867/month


      • Lifetime LMS access with all the recorded training sessions
      • Learn from the industry experts on live & interactive online sessions
      • Gain practical & professional skills through project-based learning 
      • Avail exceptional mentoring sessions and become industry-ready 
      • Access to Discord groups for a rich exposure and interaction with a diverse batch of peers
      • Build your skills with an outcome-based curriculum designed by top experts

      Placement Assistance with training in professional etiquettes

      Why you must apply for the Pre Placement programme?

      With years of experience in EdTech and the experience from handling more than 120 Batches in Data science alone, we have cracked the secret code that makes people industry ready and seeks a lucrative job without struggling for years.

      This course offers extensive and in-depth knowledge on Python, Statistics, Machine Learning Algorithms, implementations with the integration of Data Analytics, Business Analytics. The core of this program will constitute case studies and projects that include all the above concepts and includes one-to-one mentoring sessions.

      Apart from training, you will be interacting with many industry experts and working on many real-time use cases and applying the knowledge gained to resolve the business problems.

      Selection Criteria

      • Share your profile with Innomatics Research Labs on email by using the subject line as Data Science profile for the Pre Placement program.
      • Attend the assessment test.
      • Based on your performance, we will categorise which program you will be eligible for.
      • Select your course accordingly and start your course.
      •  Attend deep-dive sessions and work on all use cases given.
      •  Clear all the tests, hackathons and Interviews conducted internally. Present all the use-cases and projects

      Program Outcomes

      • Learn to implement Business Analytics & Data Science to real business problems.
      • Use innovative methods to solve complicated business problems using the latest technologies.
      • Create diverse applications using Data Science methodologies & grab a better understanding of Business problems.
      • Develop professional knowledge and be industry-ready.


       Date December 11th, 2021
      Mode Online
      Timings Technical MCQs: 12 PM to 1 PM
       Hackathon: 2 PM to 5 PM

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Is this course online or offline?

      This course will be held online. A zoom link will be sent to your mail beforehand.

      Who will be the trainers?

      We provide the best trainers from all the top industries whose expertise lies in the core concepts of Data Science.

      What will be the curriculum offered?

      Curriculum curated extensively for the trained professionals by the best industry experts will be taught as a curriculum.