Digital Marketing will be alive unless and until the internet dies.

Ever since the innovation of the electronic devices had begun internet has a peculiar space in the modern world. The usage of internet has upgraded in the 21st century marketing strategies which are different from traditional marketing. Consequently, digital marketing has evolved through the years as a fast growing industry.  Digital marketing course is advertising through various digital channels using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. “Social media is a contact sport”. It includes Online marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, Influence marketing and so on.

When there is a great demand for great cause in digital marketing, Innomatics Research Labs Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India stood as the best institute in Hyderabad for Digital marketing course training with certification and 100% job assurance for students. Innomatics Research Labs also offers Advanced Data Science TrainingBig Data Analytics Training, Amazon Web Services Training (AWS), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course training programs. Innomatics Research Labs at kukatpally, Hyderabad, India aims to produce the finest digital marketing professionals who can find a secure job in various companies through digital marketing training among many institutes.

Digital marketing training at Innomatics Research Labs, Kukatpally, Hyderabad India

When expertise and commitment work together it creates wonders, that is what Innomatics research labs believe in. “We don’t sell, we educate”. The professional friendly atmosphere helps to increase the potential and skills in digital marketing during the training period. Innomatics research labs training institute at Kukatpally, Hyderabad provides Live projects, Internships, Placement assistance for the students. The continuous interaction with students for the job portals with in and after the training program as well. The quality training program includes 8 years experienced experts by choosing limited members to train for each batch and focus more on every individual in making a professional with certification in particular module of digital marketing course. Digital marketing training doesn’t stick with prior knowledge, from a fresh beginner with a dream for an exciting career to a retired officer, house wives and every one for a new career, Innomatics Research labs situated in Kukatpally, near JNTU metro, Hyderabad helps you finding your new career with digital marketing course training with certification and essential job assurance in various digital platforms across the globe.

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Digital Marketing Course

Schedule Date Timings
WeekDay Batch 15/07/2019 (MONDAY) 9 AM
WeekEnd Batch 13/07/2019 (SATURDAY) 10 AM

Who can learn Digital Marketing Course?

  • Students who need to up-skill in digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs/Startups who need to maximize online channels for developing  their business
  • Advertisers/Marketers who want to increase their career or improve their position in the market place
  • Professionals who need to understand digital marketing or get increasingly out of their digital channels
  • Homemakers/Retired employees/unemployed people can have an opportunity to start again their careers.

Why should i join in Digital marketing course at Innomatics?

Innomatics research labs institute reside near JNTU Kukatpally Hyderabad Unlike, the chaotic and unpleasant places where numerous institutes reside in Ameerpet with lack of experts, basic amenities, crowd traffic in institutes, improper management and irregular curriculum, Innomatics research labs have a pleasant ambience in and around it with subject experts from top MNC’s. Students from Ameerpet and other places including IT sectors as Madhapur, Gachibowli, Hi-tech city in Hyderabad, join Innomatics research labs. Professionals interested to upskill themselves can opt Innomatics as there are many facilities nearby provide accommodations, food with quality and affordable prices, fitness training and easy transportation facilities using the metro.

Our Training Methodology

Theory+Practicals+Assignments+CV Preparation+Attend Interviews = You got job!!
Our training Methodology - Digital Marketing Training institute in Hyderabad - Innomatics Research labs

Digital Marketing Certifications

All the learners will receive a certificate, upon course completion in digital marketing course from Innomatics research labs. 9 International Digital Marketing Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of your online tests.

  1. Google Ads Display Certification
  2. Google Ads Mobile Certification
  3. Google Ads Search Certification
  4. Google Ads Video Certification
  5. Shopping ads Certification
  6. Facebook blueprint Certification
  7. Microsoft bing Certification
  8. Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  9. Campaign Manager Certification Exam
  10. Creative Certification Exam
  11. Display & Video 360 Certification Exam
  12. Search Ads 360 Certification Exam
  13. Mobile Sites Certification
  14. YouTube Asset Monetization
  15. YouTube Channel Growth
  16. YouTube Content Ownership
  17. HUBSPOT Marketing Certification

Digital marketing course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Modules
  • Digital Marketing Trends in real world
  • Digital Marketing Tools

2. Web Designing Without Coding

  • How to create a website
  • Static v/s Dynamic websites
  • Blog v/s Website
  • Website design using WordPress ( CMS )
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to buy a domain and host a website
  • Applying and modifying  WordPress themes
  • How to install plugins in WordPress
  • How to Install tracking codes and optimization
  • Website speed test analysis

3. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

  • Introduction to SEO
  • SEO Layout
  • How search engine works
  • Google algorithm updates
  • Google search console
  • Keyword research analysis
  • Keyword research tools
  • Business analytics and consulting
  • On-page techniques
  • URL optimization
  • Content development tools
  • Page speed analysis tools.
  • Meta tag optimization
  • SEO title optimization
  • Off-page techniques
  • Article submission
  • PPT submission
  • Image submission
  • Video submission
  • URL submission
  • Social networking submission
  • Forum submission
  • Directory submission
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Create back links
  • Black links analysis  tools
  • SERP layout
  • Server side optimization

4. Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

  • Pay Per Click introduction.
  • How to setup Adwords account.
  • Types of Adwords campaigns.
  • Search network campaigns.
  • Display network campaigns.
  • G-mail display network campaigns.
  • Video marketing campaigns.
  • Smart display campaigns.
  • Universal app campaigns.
  • Shopping campaigns.
  • Remarketing campaigns.
  • Google automation rules.
  • What is bidding strategy.
  • Adwords tools and analysis.

5. Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

  • What is social media marketing ?
  • How to create FaceBook campaign
  • How to create Instagram ads
  • How to create Quora campaign
  • How to create Linkdin ads
  • How to create Twitter ads
  • How to create Pinterest ads
  • What is the social media re-marketing
  • What is the social media tracking tools ?
  • Social media pages analysis reports

6. Email Marketing

  • Introduction to e-mail marketing
  • Uses of e-mail marketing
  • e-mail marketing tools
  • How to setup e-mail marketing account ?
  • What are e-mail marketing tools
  • How e-mail marketing supports the websites
  • How to create bulk e-mails
  • Types of campaigns
  • Analysis of  e-mail marketing reports

7. Youtube Marketing.

  • What is YouTube marketing ?
  • How to create YouTube channel ?
  • What is YouTube Strategy ?
  • What is YouTube Tools ?
  • What is YouTube features ?

8. Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing ?
  • How to earn money
  • Earning money strategies
  • Types of affiliate marketing
  • Benefits of affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing tools

9. Mobile Marketing

  • What is Mobile marketing
  • How to create Mobile marketing strategy
  • Mobile Marketing tools
  • Advertising Mobile marketing
  • How to create Mobile marketing video ads
  • Mobile app installation campaign

10. Content Marketing

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Types of content marketing
  • Uses of content marketing
  • How to create website content writing
  • How to create article writing
  • Content marketing tools
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content analysis

11. Influence Marketing

  • Introduction to Influence Marketing
  • What is Influence marketing tools ?
  • How Influence marketing works
  • Case study

12. Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tools

  • Introduction to online reputation management ( ORM )
  • What are online reputation management ( ORM ) tools ?
  • What are online reputation management ( ORM ) strategies
  • Case study

13. Google Products

  • How to use the “G” products
  • Benefits of “G” products
  • Google Absence
  • Google analytics
  • Google my business
  • Tag manager
  • Google maps
  • Google trends

14. CRM and Automation tools

  • Introduction to CRM  automation ?
  • What are CRM automation tools ?
  • CRM automation strategy ?
  • Case study

What are the modules in Digital marketing course?

How can they be used to build your Career?

Create your own website with ease.

Designing websites without programming and using wordpress is as easy as you use a website. The need for a developer isn’t necessary now a days. Moreover there is  flexibility for changes without the coding process. Thus, digital marketing training teaches the importance of designing a website.

Generating organic traffic through optimization

The digital marketing training helps you to generate traffic from search results through organic engagement with the audience to make more customers. It includes on page optimization such as direct content optimization for higher ranking and off page optimization to boost its position in rankings from outside of the website,  helps to create high-quality backlinks. The SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) course practices keep the website on top ranking positions to promote sales and to fulfill business motives.

Get the Returns on investment with Search Engine marketing 

You can work on strategies to increase the productivity of sales, to get advertised in search engine results and displaying ads in websites in a recurring process, to promote apps and videos in YouTube. The trainers in digital marketing course train you to evolve in the business sector by SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING). 

Let customers engage and promote your brand on social media platforms

There are millions of social media users across the globe. The process involves engaging with them through social media channels to convert into customers. The strategies that are learned in the digital marketing training helps you to develop different techniques to attract audience through videos. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and other social media channels engage in promoting brands for marketing. SMM (SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING) module with certification would make your future comfortable with huge earnings in this business.

Easiest way to convert customers with Email marketing strategies

Email is a social media identity to individual or an organisation. The usage of emails as advertisements to build relationship and trust with customers helps to promote sales. Email marketing is also a brand awareness strategy in digital marketing. If you train well under the best institutes in Hyderabad, you will be a pro.

Promote your brand through videos in YouTube marketing

YouTube has conquered the world with numerous entertainment videos. Being the most searched app after Google, you can create your own channel to aware and promote brands with videos. Youtube marketing module in digital marketing course with expertise is a necessity for giant companies to promote them.

Earn by affiliating with your product partners

You can use the affiliate links of your partners on your websites and gain commission for each acquisition which can increase the sales for the brands. You can earn more money with every click from the customers on the links provided. Affiliate marketing strategy includes advertising through second tier players, marketing agencies and so on.

Smartest way to promote your products on smartphones

Mobile marketing helps you to promote business through mobile apps, push notifications, in app notifications, calls, and SMS. Personal Engagement with customers builds trust and transparency.

No content, No marketing. Content marketing builds revenue

Creating unique blogs for the brands to engage customers with your content.  “Content is king”, as all the work is relied on the suitable content for the topic. The content driven marketing campaign in digital marketing course helps you to be the best among many. 

Influencing plays a key role than advertising a brand

Influence inspires a lot more than expected. using the Influencers to run campaign for the brand in social media, youtube and other websites helps to bring awareness and audience that results in business sales. Digital marketing offers influence marketing as course module to earn better in the long run.

Keep up your brand value in digital platforms

The reputation of the company should be maintained in social media channels, websites and so on. Considering and replying to the feedback information and reviews of the products received from the customers through various platforms retains the company’s position in the business run. The digital marketing training helps you to learn the ORM (ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT) tools module which is globally accredited.

Make your work easy and get benefited with google products

Google one of the most searched online and has a similar significance to all the services and products provided by it. It consists of gmail, google search console, google trends, google maps and all the g products. Digital marketing course trains you to use the Google Product tools for brand marketing.

Stay connected and build relationship with customers

Gaining new customers is not only a task in digital marketing but to engage with existing ones to keep attached to the brands through SMS, Email, Voice Calls, Social media and so on. This increases the productivity as well as a healthy relationship with customers. In the CRM (CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ) tools module  you can learn the best automation tools provided in digital marketing course training such as Salesforce (world’s best CRM tool), Zoho (india’s best from Mumbai), Leadsquared (bangalore based), Hubspot CRM, sugarCRM and so on.

Modes of Training in Digital Marketing at Kukatpally

Session Weekday Weekend
Morning 7AM – 9AM 10AM – 02PM
Afternoon 11AM – 01PM
Evening 07PM – 09PM
  • Timings are as per Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • You get In-depth practical Knowledge on each topic in class room training
  • 80 – 90 Hrs of Real-time practical training classes
  • Different time slots also Available
  • For any queries feel free to call us on +91-9951171808 or mail at
Training Type Timings
Online Learning 24/7 (or) 365 days
Live Training Flexible Timings
  • Timings are as per Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • You get In-depth practical Knowledge on each topic in Web training
  • Different time slots also Available
  • 24/7 Query resolution support on chat / whatsapp
  • Life time access to self paced learning
  • For any queries feel free to call us on +91-9951171808 or mail us at

Work with us to quickly boost the digital capabilities of your staff. We offer special training for Companies to Develop skills that deliver a provable ROI. Complete end-to-end training & support for your organisation.

Why Choose Innomatics

  • 90+ Hours of Intensive Classroom Training
  • 8+ years expertise training
  • Paid Internships
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 9 Core Modules Covered in Digital Marketing Course
  • Practical Training on Live Projects
  • 9 Industry Recognized Certifications
  • Hands-On Training on 10+ Digital Marketing Tools
  • 6 Months Free Access to Placements Portal
  • Access to Free Workshops Conducted Throughout the Year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Digital Marketing Course

Below are some FAQs from our previous batches regarding the Digital Marketing Training at Innomatics Research Labs – Hyderabad.

Who can learn this course ?

Our digital marketing programs are designed for freshers, working professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, freelancers or anyone who is interested to learn digital marketing.

How qualified is Faculty at innomatics ?

Every faculty at INNOMATICS  RESEARCH LABS  comes with a rich industry experience of 8 years and above and they are well known experts in their own domain.

What are the programs do you provide ?

We provide 2 comprehensive courses – Master Program in Digital Marketing & Executive Program in Digital Marketing. You also have an option to opt for individual certification programs which are – certification program in SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing & E-commerce.

Where is the institute located ? 

#206 A, 2nd Floor ,Fortune Signature,

Beside JNTU Metro, Opp- More Mega Store,

Kukatpally Hyderabad,Telangana-500085

What is the eligibility to learn for the course ?

There is no eligibility criteria. As long as you know how to operate a laptop and use internet, you are welcome to learn.

Payment options you provide ?

We provide below payment options
Cash, Cheque, Net Banking, UPI payments, Debit Card, Credit Card

Does INNOMATICS provide any assistance with assignments and doubts in the digital marketing course?

It is understandable to have doubts as students. Don’t worry we got you covered! We have dedicated student managers that can address any problems related to the digital marketing course such as assignments. Apart from that, you can always ask our teaching faculty any questions you have – we encourage that! Our Student Experience Managers will even help you arrange back-up classes if you miss any. In fact, we can provide you help even before you have enrolled in our course. You can walk in for a free counseling session or call us on 9951171808 if you have any questions.

What kind of placement support does INNOMATICS have for their students of digital marketing course ?

We understand the difficulties of looking for a job. This is why INNOMATICS provides you 100% internship and placement assistance. We believe that our students should get as many opportunities as possible. There may be some confusion in terms of how various departments in the digital marketing world work. Understanding this, we offer our students Live Internships. These are internships they can do while they are enrolled in the 3-month digital marketing course. This is something completely exclusive to INNOMATICS HYDERABAD.

What certifications will I get once I have completed INNOMATICS’s digital marketing course ?

Every INNOMATICS graduate receives a certificate of completion from INNOMATICS  once they have completed the Digital Marketing Course in hyderabad. Along with that, we also prepare every student for Google Ads and Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Why should i choose INNOMATICS for my digital marketing course ? 

At INNOMATICS  research labs, we take pride in offering end-to-end digital marketing training program to help you understand various tools and methodologies in the world of digital marketing. Here are few reasons why our candidates prefer us as their digital marketing training partner


I am a IT background guy and was looking out for some professionalized courses in field of software that is when I got to know about Digital marketing course through website and joined into Digital Marketing course now I am a certified digital marketing expert working for a well known company. Now I can say Digital Marketing Course is great platform to showcase your creative ideas and thoughts to promote a product with Digital marketing Techniques. Thank you Innomatics Research Labs

Digital Marketer

Vikas Raut

I’m pursing my masters and also was in search of some innovative course. I chose digital marketing course and I’m very happy with the course. I have joined to improve me skills in digital marketing, I have learned a lot about techniques in digital marketing. The learning experience was very good. Now I am working as digital marketing Intern at a reputed institution.

Digital Marketing Intern


One of the hardest choices you experience is picking an organization when you plan any course. When I had the line of reasoning to begin with DIGITAL MARKETING course, I was without a doubt puzzled to pick among the top foundations. INNOMATICS  transformed my confusion into certainty by their eminent teaching.


I underwent DIGITAL MARKETING Training  in INNOMATICS RESEARCH LABS.The Training was given in Very Lucid manner.The Sequence of Coverage of Topics was comfortable.Training was directly useful to my Field of Work and Many useful Tips directly relevant for everyday work was Taught by the Faculty Apart from Regular Course Content Overall Coaching was very Professional and comprehensive.I would highly Recommend INNOMATICS.


Instead of saying it as a course or program, I would like to call it is a great experience. This special and innovative course has covered all the aspects of marketing in a very vivid manner. The way syllabus is defined matches with day to day marketing needs .It is easy to learn and earn a additional credit for you in person. Course has varied aspects of digital marketing, it gave me lot of insights and good examples to compare and learn. It was very happy and interesting for me to earn a global credit.


I’m an experienced marketing professional and I wanted to understand the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies being employed today. The Digital Marketing course taught by INNOMATICS RESEARCH LABS  in Hyderabad was the right course for me right now. It was relevant, fresh, and timely. I highly recommend this course.


The curriculum of the program is quite complete and can touch all the basic parts of Digital Marketing for building successful campaigns including; strategy, analytics, branding and planning. I learnt from basics which laid pathway to research further in Innomatics Research Labs.


Digital Marketing  course is an excellent opportunity to regain knowledge about marketing firstly  and secondly to realize how much and how many things have changed in the field of marketing within this new digital world 2020.


Traditional marketing is difficult to efficiently work without digital marketing. More hard work, worth the effort.The course is guided with passionate trainers with great attitude and study material to upgrade our knowledge.

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