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* Digital Marketing will be alive unless and until the Internet dies.

Ever since the innovation of electronic devices had begun, the Internet has been a peculiar space in the modern world. The usage of the Internet has upgraded in 21st-century marketing strategies which are different from traditional marketing. Consequently, digital marketing has evolved over the years as a fast-growing industry. Digital marketing course is advertising through various digital channels using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more. “Social media is a contact sport”. It includes Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Influence Marketing, and many more.

About the Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad

Marketing isn’t the same thing as it was. Everything has transformed digital, and so the marketing is. It is the process of promoting business through various channels online. On average, a person spends most of the day checking mobile devices and social media channels. 22% of people check their mobile phones every few minutes, while 51% of the users look at them every few hours, and some people use social media for more than 150 minutes a day. it is VILT & ILT training!

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As customers are always on mobile devices using various social media platforms, businesses are taking advantage of these opportunities to promote their business effectively. Apart from the social media channels, there are other platforms that include Digital marketing as Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Websites, and blogs.

The candidate must be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
Previous coding experience is an added benefit.

Who can Learn Digital Marketing Course?

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Any Graduates

To enhance the skills and knowledge in the marketing sector and emphasizes Return on Investment.

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Home Makers

For the individuals who want to start afresh and work from home or start the career again

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For the individuals who have to want to establish business or improve the online presence of the one which is already installed

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Job Seekers

For the individuals who want to begin the career, Digital Marketing training is the idle option as businesses continuously evolve.

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or the people who are working on marketing and communications and want to grow visibility, brand awareness, online brand position, etc

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

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Website Designing without code


 Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  • Why digital marketing is so important?
  • What jobs can you get with digital marketing?
  • What are the Major Modules in Digital Marketing?
2. Web Designing without Code
  • Introduction to Web Designing
  • How does the Website work?
  • Types of Websites
  • Static, Dynamic and CMS Websites
  • Blog v/s Website
  • What is Responsive Website
  • Types of Domains
  • Types of Hosting
  • How to buy a Domain and Server
  • Host a Website to server
  • How to install WordPress
  • Applying and modifying WordPress themes
  • How to install plugins in WordPress
  • How to Install tracking codes and optimization codes
  • How to Create a Simple Contact Form in WordPress
  • Setup / Configure Contact Form in WordPress
  • Website Optimization
  • Website speed test analysis
  • Diagnosis/Audit of the Present website & business
  • Test on Website designing (WordPress)
  • Assignments on Website designing (WordPress)
3. Assignments & Exams
4. Live Project on Web Designing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
    • What is search engine optimization?
    • Different Types of Search Engines
    • How does a search engine work?
    • How is search engine optimization important for business or company?
    • Google Search Engine Architecture & SERP Layout
    • Google Algorithms and Google Search Engine Updates
    • Operators used in SEO
2. Google Search Console (Web Master tool)
      • What is Google Search Console?
      • How to do Website verification in Search Console?
      • Setting up Google Search Console
      • Website Performance
      • URL inspection
      • Index
      • Enhancements
      • Links
      • Security & Manual Actions
3. Business / Website Analysis
      • What is Business Analysis
      • What is Keyword Research
      • Benefits of Keyword Research
      • Keywords Research and Analysis
      • Competition Analysis & reports
      • Web position Analysis & reports
4. On-page Optimization
      • What is On-page Optimization
      • Types of On-Page SEO Techniques
      • Domain Name Optimization
      • URL Optimization
      • Page Title Optimization
      • Meta Description Optimization
      • Headings & Footer Optimization
      • Body Tags Optimization (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6)
      • SEO Content Writing Optimization
      • Alt Tag / Anchor Links Optimization
      • Keyword Density Optimization
      • Images Optimization
      • Sitemaps Optimization
      • txt Optimization
      • Canonical Links
      • Structured data / Rich Snippets (Schemas)
      • Google Answer Box Optimization
4. Off page Optimization (Link Building) techniques
      • What is Off page Optimization
      • Link building guidelines
      • Importance of Link Building
      • Link building Methods
      • Link building techniques
      • Competitor Links Analysis Tools
      • Link checking tools
5. Server/Web Performance Optimization techniques
      • SSL certificate/ HTTPS
      • 301 Redirects
      • Cloud-based Website Monitoring
      • 404 Errors solutions
      • HTTP requests reduction
      • File compression
      • Web caching optimization
      • Code minification
      • Lossy compression
      • Database Optimization
      • Web Font Performance Optimization
      • Page Speed Analysis
6. Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO Techniques
7. SEO Auditing Tools
8. Assignments & Test on SEO
9. Implementation of SEO on a Live project
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / PPC marketing



  1. What is Search Engine Marketing
  2. Overview Google Adwords
  3. Search Network Marketing (PPC/Text Ads)
  4. Display Network Marketing (Banner Ads)
  5. Video Network Marketing (Youtube Ads)
  6. Shopping Ads (E-commerce Ads)
  7. App Promotions (App Installs)
  8. Smart Campaigns (Local Business Ads)
  9. Google Ads Bidding strategies, Ads Auction, Ad Formats and Guidelines
  10. Google Ads Tools & Settings
  11. Yahoo Native Ads
  12. Microsoft Bing Ads
  13. Assignments & Exams
  14. Live Projects on Google Ads, Bing Ads & Yahoo Ads
  15. Certification
Social Media Marketing (SMM & SMO)


  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook & Instagram Marketing
  3. Twitter Marketing
  4. LinkedIn Marketing
  5. Quora Marketing
  6. Pinterest Marketing
  7. YouTube Marketing & Optimization
  8. Social Media Automation & Analytical tools
  9. Assignments & Exams
  10. Live Projects
  11. Social Media Certification
Email Marketing
  1. Introduction to Email Marketing
  2. Email Marketing Basics
  3. Gmail Marketing
  4. Email Marketing – MailChimp
  5. Designing Newsletters
  6. Building email marketing strategy
  7. Email Marketing Applications / Tools
  8. Assignments & Exams
  9. Live Project
Affiliate Marketing (Online Money Earning Strategies)
  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How Affiliate Marketing Works
  3. Merchant of Affiliate Marketing
  4. Publisher Affiliate Marketing
  5. Affiliate program without Website
  6. Affiliate program with Website
  7. Affiliate marketing/Online money earning strategies
  8. Popular Affiliate marketing tools/sites/networks
  9. Google AdSense account set up & Ads in a Website
  10. Affiliate Marketing Analysis tools
  11. Assignments & Exams
  12. Case Studies
Influence Marketing
  1. What is Influence Marketing?
  2. Finding right influencers using tools
  3. Finding viral posts on Social Media platforms
  4. How to do best Influence marketing?
  5. How to Become an Influencer?
  6. Case studies
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Mobile Marketing


  • What is Mobile Marketing?
  • The Future of Mobile marketing?
  • Text message marketing
  • Text Marketing Services
  • Mobile Advertising platforms
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Report generation & analytical Tools
  • Assignments & Exams
  • Live project
Content Marketing
  1. What is content marketing?
  2. Different Types of content marketing
    1. Writing (text)
    2. Infographics (Photography)
    3. Videos (Videography)
  3. Vision, Mission, Goals of content
  4. Target Audience and Persona
  5. Website & Social Media Strategic Objectives
  6. Content Creation tools for writings, Images, Videos
  7. Branding Business with content marketing
  8. Content Calendar
    1. Daily Content Calendar
    2. Weekly Content Calendar
    3. Monthly Content Calendar
  9. Lead generation with content marketing
  10. Content marketing Analysis & Reports
  11. Assignments & Exams
  12. Implementing Content marketing on Real-Time Project
Inbound Marketing


  1. What is Inbound Marketing
  2. Create Content to Attract Audience
  3. Inbound Marketing Strategies
  4. Inbound User Experience analysis
    1. Create Landing Pages
    2. Create a Thank You Page
    3. Create Opt-in/Subscription Forms
    4. Create Contact forms/ registration forms
    5. Create Pop ups
    6. Create Offer Bars
    7. Create Call-to-Action buttons
    8. Add Fancy Widgets
    9. Setup Push notifications
    10. Configure Chat box or Chat bots
    11. Connecting Landing Pages with CRM tools & Plugins
  5. Inbound Marketing Strategies
  6. Social Media Content for Inbound
  7. Inbound Marketing Tools
  8. Nurture Leads with Marketing strategies
  9. Assignments & Exams
  10. Implementing Inbound Marketing on Real time Project
Google Analytics & Social Media Analytics


  1. What is Google Analytics?
  2. Types of Web analytical Tools
  3. Google Analytics Setup
  4. Real time traffic analysis
  5. Audience analysis
  6. Behavior analysis
  7. Conversions analysis
  8. Segmentation and Filters
  9. Report generation
  10. Google Analytics Vs Other analytical Tools
  11. Social Media Analytical tools
    1. Facebook Analytics
    2. Twitter Analytics
    3. LinkedIn Analytics
    4. Quora Analytics
    5. Pinterest Analytics
    6. Other Paid Analytics tools
  12. Assignments & Exams
  13. Practical Analysis on Real Time Project
CRM (Customer relationship management) Tools
  1. What is Customer relationship management?
  2. Importance of CRM tools for a Business/Company
  3. Manual Works Vs CRM tool works
  4. Best CRM Tools & Comparison
    1. Website forms
    2. Google Ads
    3. Google Analytics
    4. Email API
    5. SMS API
    6. Chat bot API
    7. Social Media platforms APIs
    8. Cloud Telephony API
    9. IVR APIs
  5. Work flow Automation
  6. Marketing Automation
  7. Lead Distribution, Nurturing & Analysis
  8. Drip Campaigns & Automation rules for leads
  9. Multi-Dimensional Analysis & reports
  10. Practical Sessions on CRM tools
Best Digital Marketing Tools 2022
  1. Visual Design tools
  2. SEO & Blog Content Tools
  3. Content Curation Tools
  4. Search Engine Marketing Tools
  5. Social Media Marketing & Automation Tools
  6. Email Automation tools
  7. Affiliate Marketing tools
  8. Analytics & Data Tools
  9. Lead Generation Tools & Plugins
  10. Business Automation tools
Google Products for Digital Marketing
  1. Introduction to Google Products
  2. List of Google Products
    1. Google Search console, Google Structured Data Testing Tool, Google PageSpeed insights, Google Bookmarks, Google groups, Google forums, Google My business, Blogger, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google trends, Google fonts
  3. Google Products Explanation
  4. Using Google products for Digital Marketing 

What are the Modes of Digital Marketing Training?

Classroom Training

We provide the Best Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad for individuals who believe in hand-held training. We teach as per the Indian Standard Time (IST) with In-depth practical Knowledge on each topic in classroom training, 80 – 90 Hrs of Real-time practical training classes. There are different slots available on weekends or weekdays according to your choices. We are also available over the call, mail, or direct interaction with the trainer for active learning.

Online Training

We provide Online Digital Marketing Training for the individuals who are occupied with work and the person who believes in one-one learning. We teach as per the Indian Standard Timings, feasible to you, providing in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. We are available round the clock on WhatsApp, emails, or calls for clarifying doubts and instance assistance, also giving lifetime access to self-paced learning.

Corporate Training

We provide Digital Marketing course training for corporates, to help businesses strengthen the marketing process and reap huge benefits. We always stay updated and provide training on real-time use cases, which bridges the gap enabling the organization to capitalize on the potential of the employees.

Why should you learn in Digital Marketing in Innomatics Research labs?

  • 10+ Real-Time Expert Trainers from Top MNCs
  • Training by Best Digital Marketing Training Institute awarded by “Times Group”
  • An Authorized Training Partner of NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime
  • Backup Classes and Access to the LMS
  • Bi-weekly Industry connects from industry experts
  • Practical Training on Live Projects
  • Free and Paid Internship with Certificate
  • Hands-On Training on 20+ Paid Digital Marketing Tools
  • Individual Assistance from Inhouse Digital Marketing Experts
  • Free E-book, Practical Assignments, Certication Support
  • Mock Interviews & CV Preparation
  • 6 Months Free Access to Placements Portal
  • Access to Free Workshops Conducted Throughout the Year

Digital Marketing Certifications

  • All the certifications of Digital Marketing are globally accepted, and we provide a range of certifications from Bing, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Hubspot, etc.
    1. Google Display Ads Certification
    2. Google Search Ads Certification
    3. Google Video Ads Certification
    4. Google Shopping Ads Certification
    5. Google Mobile Ads Certification
    6. Microsoft bing Certification
    7. Facebook blueprint Certification
    8. Google Analytics Individual Qualification
    9. Hubspot Marketing Certification
Digital Marketing 9 Global Certifications

We understand what it takes to provide the practice with a positive impact. Working on a business case study is always interesting and informative. We follow a practical training approach rather than the theoretical one who helps an individual gain in-depth knowledge of technology and helps businesses increase the ROI.

We provide opportunities to learn, explore, and experience for the best and brightest minds who are passionate about growing. Our internship program helps individuals in accelerating their career in Digital Marketing. We have the projects and programs which allow the trainee to gain practical knowledge and gain experience.

Experiences make much difference in the business, and in digital marketing, experience matters a lot. We let our trainees connect with industry experts to connect and learn the business challenges, case studies, and how to overcome them.

We have a dedicated placement verticle to help students find the best employment opportunities and achieve the dream job.

We conduct mockups interviews which help trainees overcome the fear of conversations and know the updates and real challenges in digital marketing. We also help in building a better CV that is compelling and attracts the recruiter in the first go.

Modules involved in Digital Marketing course

Create your website with ease

Designing websites efficiently with no coding and using WordPress, as this eliminates the need for a developer. That is a flexible process and makes the coding process easy.

Generating organic traffic through optimization

Digital marketing training helps you to generate traffic from search results through organic Engagement with the audience to make more customers. It includes on-page optimization such as direct content optimization for higher ranking and off-page optimization to boost its position in rankings from outside of the website and helps to create high-quality backlinks. The SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) course practices keep the website on top ranking positions to promote sales and to fulfill business motives.

Predict the ROI with Search Engine marketing

You can work on strategies to increase the productivity of sales, get advertised in search engine results, and to display ads on websites in a recurring process to promote apps and videos on YouTube. The trainers in the digital marketing course train you to evolve in the business sector by SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING).

Customer engagement and brand promotion on social media platforms

There are millions of social media users across the globe. The process involves engaging with them through social media channels to convert as potential customers. The strategies learnt helps to develop different techniques to attract the audience through videos. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and other social media channels engage in promoting brands for marketing.

Convert customers with Email marketing strategies

Email is the identity of an individual or an organization to promote. The usage of emails as advertisements to build relationships and trust with customers helps to encourage sales. Email marketing is also a brand awareness strategy in digital marketing. If you train well under the best institutes in Hyderabad, you will be a pro.

Promoting brands through videos in YouTube marketing

YouTube has conquered the world with numerous entertainment videos. Being the most searched platform after Google, you can create your channel to create awareness, broadcast your brand with videos.

Earning through affiliate marketing

Using the affiliate links of your partners on websites and gain commission for each acquisition, which can increase the sales for the brands. One can earn more money with every click from the customers on the links provided. Affiliate marketing strategy includes advertising through second-tier players, marketing agencies, and many more.

The smartest way to promote your products on smartphones

Mobile marketing helps you to promote business through mobile apps, push notifications, in-app notifications, calls, and SMS. Personal Engagement with customers builds trust and transparency.

No content. No marketing! Because Content marketing builds revenue

Creating unique content for the brands on various platforms to engage customers with the content. It says that “Content is King” and “Content Marketers are King-Makers.” The content-driven marketing campaign in the digital marketing course helps you to be the best among many.

Influencing plays a vital role than advertising a brand

Influence inspires a lot more than expected. Using the Influencers to run campaigns for the brand in social media, youtube, and other websites help to bring awareness and audience that results in business sales. Digital marketing offers influence marketing as a course module to earn better in the long run.

Keep up your brand value in digital platforms

Social Media holds great value to hold the brand reputation. Considering the feedback information and reviews of the products received from the customers through various platforms retains the company’s position in the business run. The digital marketing training helps you to learn the ORM (ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT) tools module, which is globally accredited.

Making work easy with google products

Google is one of the most searched online and has a similar significance to all the services and products provided by it. It consists of Gmail, search console, trends, maps, and all the G-Suite products. The digital marketing course trains you to use the Google Product tools for brand marketing.

Stay connected and build a relationship with customers

Gaining new customers is not only a task in digital marketing but to engage with existing ones to keep attached to the brands through SMS, Email, Voice Calls, Social media, and many more.

Generate productivity as well as a healthy relationship with customers

In the CRM (CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ) tools module you can learn the best automation tools provided in digital marketing course training such as Salesforce (world’s best CRM tool), Zoho (India’s best from Mumbai), Leadsquared (Bangalore based), Hubspot CRM, SugarCRM and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who can learn this course ?

Our digital marketing programs are designed for freshers, working professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, freelancers or anyone who is interested to learn digital marketing.


What are the programs do you provide ?

We provide 2 comprehensive courses – Master Program in Digital Marketing & Executive Program in Digital Marketing. You also have an option to opt for individual certification programs which are – certification program in SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing & E-commerce.



What is the eligibility to learn for the course ?

There is no eligibility criteria. As long as you know how to operate a laptop and use the internet, you are welcome to learn.

Does Innomatics provide any assistance with assignments and doubts in the Digital marketing course?

It is understandable to have doubts as students. Don’t worry we got you covered! We have dedicated student managers that can address any problems related to the digital marketing course such as assignments. Apart from that, you can always ask our teaching faculty any questions you have – we encourage that! Our Student Experience Managers will even help you arrange back-up classes if you miss any. In fact, we can provide you with help even before you have enrolled in our course. You can walk in for a free counseling session or call us on 9951666670 if you have any questions.

What certifications will I get once I have completed Innomatics Research Lab’s digital marketing course ?

Every graduate receives a certificate of completion from Innomatics Research labs once they have completed the Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad. Along with that, we also prepare every student for Google Ads and Facebook Blueprint Certification.