Digital marketing refers to advertisin and delivering information through digitally such as search engines social media website mobile etc and by which the term covers a wide range of marketing activities. there is no doubt that in today’s modern landscape a huge part of marketing strategies done digitally it playing a big role in today’s digital life.

Nowadays everything is done through digital process and people are also adapting things digitally and
businesses are almost done or happening online, the most of the time spent on making their website attractive so people will show interest in their website and this is the market strategy how to attract people by your website. Here, Digital Marketing strategy play an important role it is a series of actions which helps to achieve you your
aim, your goal of company through selecting online marketing channels and whereas these all channels include on paid and owned media and people are also so advanced they keep checking new things online and it they like it they keep on sharing as well.Digital Marketing is biggest platform to start over and spread your business all over
the world.

Digital marketing is very low cost. It can assess a massive audience. It is cost effective if customer database is well managed but at the same time digital marketing is going to consume a lot of time. Response rate very enormously, campaigns are very easy to copy but you can personalize the marketing message.

Types of online digital marketing includes;

1. Search engine optimisation.
2. Search engine marketing.
3. Content marketing.
4. Social media marketing.
5. Affiliate marketing.
6. Email marketing.
7. Influencer marketing.
8. Mobile phone advertising

Now what is search engine optimisation it is a process of growing your online visibility organic search engine results which means the results appear in a list and ranked using the search engines algorithm. Every engine needs little oil, using targeted keywords in your content to rank your site in web search results.

SEO process includes:-
a. Research and analysis.
b. Identifying keywords.
c. On-Site coding and implementation.
d. Copyright.
e. Speed & site performance.
f. Marketing.
g. Ranking report and tracking.

Search engine marketing is a market where it promotes your website by increase the visibility of your website in search engine result page.

Content marketing is a type of market in which you will find information, it involve the creation and sharing materials online so that people can read your information from your website and upvote it.

Social media market helps to promote a product or service on social media platform.
so that everyone can watch it.
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where it process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s product and service and in which a business rewards affiliates for each visitors or customers.

Through Digital Marketing research and practice is improving with the advancement of technology. It helps you to keep track on your customers or you can aware of your customers about your products and available 24/7. If your goal is to target large amount of people then digital marketing is a good platform. You can spread or promote your websites on online platform.