Around 82,000 job openings are present worldwide in 2021 that require skills in Data Science and around 92% of the world’s organizations gain effective marketing insights using Data Analysis!

As we encounter the digital transformation of businesses and organisations, the demand and need for Data Scientists become unquenchable. Therefore it was not surprising when Harvard Business Review called Data Science ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century.’

A Data Scientist sounds like he/she is on an endless adventure. Not only does the individual enjoy a higher average income than the rest of the occupations, but is also an organisation’s sure shot at problem-solving. A Data Scientist can help in forming key decisions for a business or an organisation. 

But can anyone be a Data Scientist? Is a career in Data Science is as lucrative as people claim? What makes it a popular choice amongst students? How does one chart a career path in Data Science? In this blog, we walk you through the important determinants that will guide your way in this big and exciting world of Data Science.

Before we begin, we must acknowledge that the discipline of Data Science is broad and dynamic. Within the discipline, there are several areas of specialization and an abundance of opportunities depending on your educational qualifications! If you are a student or a fresher who aims to enter the world of Data Science and Analytics.

Here are a few tips, tricks and hacks to have a successful career as a Data Scientist

1) Data Science is an intriguing field

According to LinkedIn US Jobs Data, Data Science has emerged as the most popular career option for three years in a row. Other than a high average pay scale and promising career opportunities, it has various roles in this field like Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Administrator, Data Architect, Machine Learning Engineer and many more. Before you take a plunge into the world of Data Science, understand its various functions and narrow it down to an area of interest that excites you. Depending on your educational background, some roles might be easier for you to adapt to than others.

2) Go beyond theoretical concepts

Get your hands dirty with practical training. You must gain comprehensive knowledge about Data Science. A common but grave mistake while designing Data Science course is overloading it with information and making it theory-heavy without providing a follow-up practical experience to execute the things learned. If theory and practice are made to go hand-in-hand, it helps students apply their concepts and master the subject. One important aspect of being a successful Data Scientist is to have hands-on experience with working on real-life cases and projects. It is paramount that the courses you choose to enroll in have a unique blend of theory and practical, to make you job-ready!

3) Find an internship opportunity

One must read this in extension to the point made in the above paragraph. One way to gain experience that makes you job-ready is by looking for internship opportunities in the area of Data Science. An internship will help you climb the rungs of this industry efficiently and effectively. It is a definite way to test, practice and apply the knowledge gained during your enrollment in a course. An internship will give you first-hand experience of tackling a problem, along with advice and assistance from experienced people in the field. Find the opportunity to work on open data sets and apply your learning to test yourself. An internship is a good way to gain ‘learning by experience’.

4) Understanding the business problem

Before we plunge into the data, one must grasp the business problem that organisations aim to solve. This will encourage communication between the management and the Data Scientist, which in turn will help them reach a suitable conclusion and resolve critical problems. It is important that a Data Scientist can understand and communicate clearly with other teams, this will ensure that all doubts, confusion and miscommunication are eliminated.

5) Don’t underestimate the power of soft skills

Soft skills are an asset and will help you stand out in a crowd. A good Data Scientist must be curious, should be willing to get his/her hands dirty with the problems at hand. Communication plays a key role in understanding and conversing with non-technical people. One also needs to build a team spirit for effective communication and work on increasing efficiency at the workplace. Other than these aforementioned characteristics, analytical skills, critical thinking & a strong business acumen can catapult a Data Scientist into key decision-making roles, within an organisation.

6) Find a good mentor & maintain a robust peer group

 As mentioned above, the field of Data Science is dynamic. Although segments like BFSI and healthcare have been using Data Science for a long period, we are discovering the scope and extent of Data Science even today. A budding Data Scientist needs a good mentor who can help navigate your career in the best possible way. An aspiring Data Scientist might need help regarding the specialization best suited within the discipline, here a sound mentor-ship system can be of help. Similarly, a robust peer group can help when you are stuck with a problem. It is also important that you maintain this peer group to keep yourself informed about the latest trends, innovations within the field and to motivate yourself from time to time. Both these factors will make your experience within the field wholesome & help you chart a successful career path.

7) Learn, practice, apply, repeat

Data Science is dynamic. With each new day, we are finding innovative uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. While we as a society adopt technology to accommodate a more fast-paced efficient lifestyle, we are still inventing new technologies to make our lives easier. Therefore it is important for anyone aiming for a career in Data Science to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field. A Data Scientist never stops learning and is constantly hungry for innovations, inventions and discoveries. This curious scientific rationality is an important determinant of your success as a Data Scientist.

Now that you have all you need, what are you waiting for? Plan for a career in Data Science course today!

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