There’s no point in arguing that LinkedIn has become one of the most excellent places for job hunters. And the best thing above all is that you can interact over LinkedIn, get to know your prospects, and then proceed with a job. After getting your Data Science course done, you might be in better luck. Recently, LinkedIn has released its list of all the top emerging jobs for the year 2020. And you will be surprised to know that all these areas have gained exponential growth in the last five years. 

Within the entire list, Data Science is all over all the place. So, if you are looking forward to seeking out a career in Data Science, down below are some of the job descriptions that are worth noting: 

1) Artificial Intelligence Specialist

During your Data Science training, you will get to know that Artificial Intelligence has tremendously helped the domain of Data Science and is one of the leading professions these days. According to the LinkedIn reports, there has been a hiring growth of about 74% in the last four years. Further, with such great opportunities, one needs to understand that the job requires skill sets such as Machine Learning, Python Programming Language, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Some of the industries that are hiring these individuals include IT, software companies, and consumer electronics. 

2) Data Scientist

Do you know that Data Science is already termed as the sexiest job of the 21st century? LinkedIn’s data shows that there has been a 37% rise in the hiring rate in the last 3 years. The individual roles of Statisticians and Analysts are gradually evolving into that of Data Scientist. To become a successful Data Scientist, you need to have a very profound stronghold on Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, and Apache Spark. And since the market is not saturated enough, you can always get your higher salary compared to that of your friends and peers. 

3) Robotics Engineer

We all can agree to the fact that automation and Robotics is going to be the new future. That being said, LinkedIn’s hiring growth for Robotics Engineer has increased over 40% in the last four fours. This leaves us with the promising future. That further down the line, the market seeks for more demanding jobs like the same. Based on hardware and software, these roles generally vary due to which you can always seek out a more flexible option. Robotics is gradually becoming a mainstream job, as more businesses are shifting towards robotics process automation. 

4) Full Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer is not a new job role, yet it has seen a significant increase of 35% in the hiring department for over four years. It is gradually becoming precious for all the developers who are looking forward to full-stack. Some of the unique skills to this full-stack engineer job role include React.js, JavaScript, Note.js, and AngularJS. If you are willing to spare some of your time to learn these, you can always leverage the same and get a higher paying job. 

5) Site Reliability Engineer

Have you ever come across the same term? If yes, then you are certainly on the right track. With an increased hire rate of 34%, a site reliability engineer’s job has started to show growth. Typically, the job revolves around the idea of a cloud engineer and that of a full-stack engineer. At the end of the day, your work requires running and maintaining apps efficiently. Some of the critical skills necessary for a site reliability engineer include having a better understanding of Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Other Positions among the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Includes: 

While we have already discussed the plethora of opportunities that are put forward by LinkedIn in the fields related to Data Science, down below are also some of the other emerging jobs that are worth considering: 

  • JavaScript Developers: Over the last five years, JavaScript Developers have seen a growth of 25%; that being said, the number is quite intimidating on its own. Skills required for this job include JavaScript, React.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. 
  • Cloud Engineer: Being a cloud engineer in the 21st century is yet another lucrative job. With an annual growth of 27% in the past five years, one should consider applying for it. You need to have a deep understanding of Cloud Computing, AWS, and Docker Products to become a cloud engineer. 
  • Chief Revenue Officer: Lesser on the technical side, still there is a growth of 28% for the last five years for the Chief Revenue Officer. Being the head of the revenue department is not an easy job, indeed. For that matter, one needs to have a deep understanding of strategic partnerships, how a start-up works, and above all, SAAS and go-to marketing strategies. 
  • Back-end Developers: The market is booming with back-end developers’ requirements, and the significant increase of 30% annual growth signifies the same. Back-end developers are some of the most demanding jobs in the market. With skills like AWS, JavaScript, and Git, you can always secure a position as a back-end developer in a reputed farm. 
  • Customer Success Specialists: Yet another sales job is a promising career. The customer success specialist has seen a significant increase of 34% annual growth in the last five years. 

Final Takeaway

With all the data mentioned above, LinkedIn has become one of the most lucrative platforms to get a promising job for your future. If you are looking forward to building a career out of data science, you can always reach out to Innomatics Research Labs. You will get the best in class Data science course training in Hyderabad. Taught by the industry professionals, you will get to know all the ins and outs of Data Science there is to learn about.

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